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Visiting Windsor Castle – UK

Update: 14/08/2015
On August 11th, 2015, Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh and the monks of Hoang Phap pagoda visited Windsor Castle, where is the place of the England Queen ‘s office and reception.

Visiting Windsor Castle – UK

 Windsor Castle, located in Windsor province, at Bekshire – UK, is the biggest castle of the world, where are living. Its ground area is 484,000 square miles (44.965 square meters).


Together with Buckingham Castle at London and Holyrood Castle at Edinburgh, Windsor Castle is the one of the royal residence. Queen Elizabeth II spent many weekends during the year staying in this castle. It is also used for both personal entertainment needs as well as the national work.


Following most of the British kings and queens, the king and queen of England, all of them have direct impacts to the construction and the development of the castle. This place has taken responsibility as the fort, house, main palace and also the prison of the British royalty. The history of the castle ties to the history of many ages in England. When the nation is peaceful, the castle will be extended and developed into a large area but when there are wars, it turns into a frontier and its shape continue to improve until now.

 Below are some taken photos:


Thăm tư gia Phật tử


Thăm hội người già

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