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Visiting Tay Lai Pagoda and Dharma Talk at Phat To Pagoda - United States

Update: 03/09/2016
On Aug 31, 2016, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh and his group came to Southern California to continue Dharma preaching trip in the United States.

Visiting Tay Lai Pagoda and Dharma Talk at Phat To Pagoda - United States


In the morning Sep 01, 2016, the Venerable and Buddhists visited spiritual sceneries in Southern California as Indian temple, Tay Lai Pagoda founded by Taiwanese Venerable Hsing Yun.


Tay Lai Phat Quang Son Pagoda covers an area of 15 acres, located on the southern mountainous land Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles, California, USA. The term "Tay Lai" (coming to West) means East-West cultural exchange. The pagoda was built in the style of traditional Chinese Buddhism architecture with typical features  as: trio-porched gate, main shrine, Quint Sage hall, meditation hall, dining room, Phat Quang Duyen art galleries, manes room, conference hall, lecturing hall, meeting room, seminar room, guest house, Phat Quang Tay Lai school, tea room, Phat Quang bookstore, Phat Quang Son international translation centre and  Phat Quang Son publishing centre in US...


In the evening, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh had a Dharma talk at Phat To Pagoda in Long Beach, California. He  reiterated Buddha’s teaching in Anguttara Nikàya about " The Five Losses" as following:


1. Loss of relatives.


2. Loss of property.


3. Loss of disease.


4. Loss of precept.


5. Loss of knowledge.


It is possible to say, loss is the basic characteristic of life. What we are having today may leave us at anytime. It is said that “your property or your life” as the consolation in such cases of loss. Loss of property is recoverable while loss of our beloved ones is not because the dead, who may be our spiritual fulcrum; can never come back to life. This seems the greatest loss. Disease, misfortune are also the great losses because they may claim our health and body parts. However, these losses that we call big, only take effect within this life.


According to Bhagavat’s wisdom, loss of moral character (precept infringement) and having wrong awareness (knowledge) are the greatest ones. Due to erring views that lead to wrong actions, one may fall into the three troubled states as animal, ghost and hell realms. Thus,

Buddhists deeply acknowledge Buddha’s teachings, always establish and maintain moral life by conforming five Buddhism precepts. Furthermore, people should abide and live in right-view to see the Truth, believe in cause and effect rule, do right and avoid evil, have kindness-love to everyone, support and share with people in needs.


At the end of the Dharma talk, the Venerable presented DVD film "Looking for the Enlightenment" and the book "Remaining in happiness" as Dharma gift to the audience.

Following are some recorded photographs:


Đền thờ Ấn Độ


Chùa Tây Lai


Thượng tọa Thích Chân Tính giảng pháp tại chùa Phật Tổ

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