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Visiting Pagodas in the Southern Korea

Update: 10/05/2016
In the morning of May 9th, 2016 (lunar April, 3rd Monkey) the Monks and Buddhists of Hoang Phap Pagoda were instructed by Master Daehyu to visit the pagodas in the Southern of Korea.

Visiting Pagodas in the Southern Korea

On 5.30 a.m., the group left Bhaiá¹£ajyaguru Pagoda in cool air of the late spring.

The South Korea with white mimosas welcomed all of us. Maybe, the greeting of mountain and meeting the new Korean friends helped the bus‘s route in five hours get nearer of all.

At 11o’clock, we arrived Pagoda Songgwangsa. It is deeply in mountain and one of thirty three pagodas which have the best beautiful and wide area in Korea.

  Pagoda Songgwangsa is property belonging to government. It worships the sixteen monks who were the King teachers following each the Korea’s dynasties. The main Hall worships Buddha Amitabha, other places are for BuddhaBhaiá¹£ajyaguru and Grdhrakuta temple. Besides, it is cultivating to follow Ts’ao-Ch’I section which is represented Sangha of Korea Buddhism.

Here, the group unexpectedly met Ven. Bubrun who is well known all Buddhism Korea. He does not lead any pagodas, but he established in the Jungto Association (it means a peaceful area) where helps consultation, to answer all questions, difficulties to Buddhists. His explanation is very useful for many people.

Next, the group went to Kyongnam Habcheongu province to visit Heinsa Pagoda in the area of the Korea National Park. Heinsa Pagoda is recognized as the World Cultural Heritage because of its saving the Korea’s large sutra Store. This place contains the whole of Korea’s sutras, preserved 84,000 sets of dharma. All sutra storing has 81,230 wooden - doctrine texts, each of them being 70cm width, 20cm height as well as written 52,000,000 words.

 Following are recorded pictures:


Chùa Thông Quảng


Chùa Hải Ấn

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