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Visiting J.P Getty museum and lecturing at Hien Nhu Tinh That Pagoda

Update: 05/09/2016
In the morning Sep 02, 2016, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh and Buddhists had a visit to J.P Getty art museum in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Visiting J.P Getty museum and lecturing at Hien Nhu Tinh That Pagoda


J.Paul Getty art museum is a project of the J. Paul Getty Trust. This museum hosts Western works of art from the Middle Ages to Modern Era. With the amount of 1.3 million of annual tourists, J.P Getty is one of the most visited museums in the United States.


In the evening, the Venerable had a Dharma talk at Hien Nhu Tinh That Pagoda which was having a three-day retreat hold by nun abbess Thich Nu Thanh Dieu Phap.


During the talk, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh shared about the pagoda role in Vietnamese life. Pagoda is built to meet the aspirations of those who would like to practice for the enlightenment and seek freedom from desires and anxiety in life, to help Buddhists discover peace in mind, to maintain traditional culture and spiritual values, which can only be experienced by practitioners on the field. Those make us impossible to forget the dear image of a pagoda in our mind:

"Pagoda’s bell-echoes remind me

 The old pagoda from mother country

 Which contains traditional spirits

 And cultural habits of our ancestry  "


That’s it! Pagoda is the representative of sympathy, peace, warmth, ease...to Vietnamese. The pagoda falls in line with people’s common life, listens to the sufferings of human life, is ready to relieve all the resentments and stands all the up and down situations of life cycle. Deep in mind of Vietnamese, the pagoda has the same heart-beat, keeps in pace with them regardless wherever they go.


Venerable also reminded the audience that having a chance coming to pagoda is a good fortune in life. To gain the whole benefits from such good lucks,

Buddhists should have the right view, diligently study more in proper ways, consort with the wise and avoid evil ones, cultivate Buddha’s teaching to firmly promote oneself to the enlightenment.


At the end of the lecture, the Venerable sent his regards and gratitude to the abbess for her kindness facilitating the delegation during its Dharma preaching trip in southern California.

 Following are some recorded photographs

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