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Visiting Greenwich Universities and Kew Garden - UK

Update: 14/08/2015
On August, 10th 2015, The Ven. Thich Chan Tinh and the monks of Hoang Phap pagoda visited the University of Greenwich - one of the top universities of the United Kingdom.

Visiting Greenwich Universities and Kew Garden - UK

It is one of the biggest and the most modern university in England, which attracted more than 20,000 students (more than 4,000 students from over 80 countries around the world). It has 3 campuses at Avery Hill and Maritime Greenwich -located in capital of London and it takes us just 20 minutes from the central London by train, and Medway campus is in Medway city, outskirt of London.

All of campuses are situated in convenient places for learning, transportation, activities as well as cultural exchanges of students. The Greenwich campus is located in historic Greenwich district being well-known for navigation.


Its aim is to create opportunities for students to obtain the highest quality education with the lowest cost. The university always prioritize high requirements for the teaching qualify and create opportunities for professional training and research for the faculty university. Therefore, 252 lecturers achieved high results in the recent research. With high achievement in education, the university was awarded 2 Queen prizes of research for post-graduate programs. These awards are able to demonstrate its outstanding education quality as well as advantages for students.

Later, the Ven and monks visited Kew Garden - one of the world's largest park with all kinds of plant on Earth.

The Royal Botanic Kew Gardens is usually called simply as the Kew gardens, gardens and greenhouse plants located between Richmond and Kew in the southwest of London, England. The garden was established in 1840 from an exotic garden at Kew Park. Its collection consists of 30,000 different plant species live, more than 7 million dry plant, which is also the world's largest dry plant collection. The library contains more than 750,000 books, 175,000 prints and drawings illustrate of botany. This is the most attractive tourist place in London. In 2003, it is a UNESCO world heritage site and attracts two million visitors each year with a spectacular collection of plants, which is ranked as the largest in the world.

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Tham quan Kew Garden

Translated Into English by To Luong Bao Hoang Phuong.

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