Buddhist News of Ven. Thich Chan Tinh

Visiting Cheng-tian Chan Monastery and Fo Guang University in Taiwan

Update: 27/08/2014
In the morning of August 25th 2014, Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh and the monks of Hoang Phap Pagoda visited Cheng-tian Chan Monastery, where it is now used for worshiping Most Venerable Gwang-Qin and also commemorated the Bodhi-mandala where he studied.

Visiting Cheng-tian Chan Monastery and Fo Guang University in Taiwan


The Most Ven. was born on 26 October in 18th Guangxu Emperor year, in the end of Qing\r\nDynasty. He is a member of Guang Clan in Hue An District, Fujian  Province.\r\nAfter leaving home, he focused on Ascetic practices, tough food diet for\r\ncommon people, hard work for common people, often sat and rarely lied down,\r\ncontemplation on mind to pray for Buddha. He spent all his life to ascetic\r\npractices, to be happy in peaceful poverty and cultivation, solid will, naïve\r\nspirit, clear wisdom; finally he attained his enlightenment. When going to\r\nTaiwan, he widely protected both living and death world, summated animals,\r\nsatisfied in Zen, avoided cooked food. He spended a half of life on his moral\r\nlifespan expressing the merit of practice, carried out the standard\r\nexample of an ascetic practitioner, who truly deserves to praise the\r\nmerits as the Pubbacariya.


 In the afternoon of the same day, the Senior Ven.\r\nvisited Fo Guang University, which was founded by Ven. Master Hsing\r\nYun. It is located in Yilan District – North of Taiwan. There are 14\r\ndepartments including Buddhology. It is trained for “BA of Buddhology degrees”,\r\n“MA of Buddhology in English, “MA of Buddhology in Chinese” and “PhD of\r\nBuddhology”. There are about 15 Vietnamese monks and nuns who are currently\r\nstudying and researching here including Junior Ven.  Thich Tam Luan\r\nfrom Hoang Phap pagoda.


Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh offered Dharmaratnas to\r\nintroduce Vietnamese Buddhism and the activities of typical cultivation at\r\nHoang Phap pagoda to leaders of Fo Guang University. From this trip, Senior\r\nVen. also hoped that Fo Guang University’s teachers would create good\r\nconditions and more help to Vietnamese monks and nuns for knowledge career and\r\nexpected to cooperate with  Fo Guang University in future Dharma\r\naffairs. He also had peaceful wishes to all masters and staff.


There are some images which were taken as below:



Visiting Cheng-tian Chan Monastery


Fo Guang University


Translated into English by Duong Dang Huynh Anh.

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