Buddhist News of Ven. Thich Chan Tinh

Visiting Buddhist’s Private House in Dong Nai

Update: 10/06/2016
On June 9th, 2016 (Lunar May 5, Monkey year), Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, on the purpose of giving a Dharma talk, has paid a visit to the Buddhists at Phuoc Van residential community in Cam Son Hamlet, Xuan My Ward, Cam My District, Dong Nai Province.

Visiting Buddhist’s Private House in Dong Nai


Precepts are defined as a solid base for Buddhists’ practice on the path to enlightenment and liberation. No matter what sect they cultivate - Pure Land, Tantra or Zen - it is essential that a true Buddhist keep their practice pure and unbreached. In Buddhism, a system of basic morality called the Five Precepts has been laid down to assist one with self-improvement, directing them to a pure, noble life.


To follow the Buddha’s footprints and deserve the name “Buddhist”, one must certainly fulfill a Buddhist’s duties, including obeying the Buddha’s teachings, following the Buddha’s actions and treading the Buddha’s path. However, as lay people, they have not yet got the chance to bring every teaching of Buddha into practice. The laymen’s first step is, therefore, to fulfill their individual, family, and society responsibilities.


It is difficult to be reborn as a human being, so being blessed are those who come to encounter the Buddha-dharma and take refuge in the Three Jewels. At present, many religions have been created to lure human to evil ways. Hence, instead of trusting heterodox monks with their ephemeral deceptions to be manipulated, which results in being misguided and suffering afflictions, Buddhists need to rely on Buddha and practice the teachings. What mentioned above is the Senior Venerable’ lecture to the assembly.


After the Dharma sermon, the Senior Venerable gave the VCDs “Eight Worldly Dharma” and the books “Retreating is in Progress”.


Following are the photos taken during the visit.


Translated into English by Thanh Nguyen.

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