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Visit Samkwangsa Pagoda & Buddhists in Busan City

Update: 11/08/2016
When autumn yellow leaves start to fall, the scene seems serene to be ready for welcoming soothing weather with shimmering light, which are also signals for the coming Ullambana season. Again we, especially migrant ones, are deep in our thoughts to be filled with nostalgia for source of love in our life and express our gratitude to our parent for giving us life and raising us.

Visit Samkwangsa Pagoda & Buddhists in Busan City


In order to create opportunities for expatriate Vietnamese to repay a debt of gratitude and show filial piety and regard to their parents, on the occasion of Ullambana, following successful Buddhist activities in Korea, Ven. Thich Chan Tinh and Hoang Phap’s monks came to South Korea to celebrate Ullambana ceremony as well as deliver dharma talks to overseas Vietnamese there on the invitation of Vietnam-Korea Culture Centre


During this trip, also the second visit to Incheon, Duoc Su Pagoda is the place for the group to stay in South Korea. The group was warmly welcomed by the Pagoda Sangha and Buddhists.


The first days in Korea this time,  having accepted the invitation of Buddhists in Busan City, Ven.Thich Chan Tinh and monks came to preach Dharma at Vietnamese monastery at  ë¶€ì‚° ê´‘ì—­ì‹œ ë¶€ì‚°ì§„구 ì´ˆì ì²œ ë¡œ 43 ë²ˆê¸¸ 77


In the afternoon, the delegation visited Samkwangsa Pagoda (Tam Quang Tu) in Busan city built in 1969. It is one of the places worshiping the founder SangWol WonGak Tosu, who restored Tiantai sect(Chontae jong). There are a wide range of annual events and supplied facilities for Buddhists to practice here.


At the pagoda guest house, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh sent his warm regards to the Abbot and the Sangha of Duoc Su Pagoda. In response, the Abbot welcomed the Vietnamese monk delegation to South Korea. In the Buddhism spirituality, the warm regards and welcome have shown a Vietnam – Korea closed relationship. After that, the gifts were presented in great affection. Finally Ven. Thich Chan Tinh sent best wishes to the abbot and the whole sangha, especially to their kind activities of Dharma preaching to both Korean and Vietnamese for their benefits.


In the same evening, the Venerable had a Dharma talk to the Buddhists, particularly in Busan City and in Korea in general.


At the Beginning of the talk, the Venerable sent his regards and greetings to Buddhists as well as asking them of their daily lives and practicing. Next, Buddhist Dieu Nhan, on behalf of the participants, briefly presented the ashram’s work and practice in Busan. Then, the Venerable taught   that the happiness of being born a  human being with six senses intact, especially Buddhists imbued with Buddhism Dharma, are  the results of accumulated good deeds and merit in the past. From that point, the Venerable emphasized the extreme importance of the cause and effect rule which affects every aspect of our lives. It would be the practical lessons for us to understand the rule as well as the explanation for various consequences of wealth and  poverty, longevity and premature death… Especially, clear understanding the cause and effect rule helps us raise a clear awareness of the thoughts, actions, words so that we can actively create good, supportive karma and eliminate evils that  hinder our practice as Buddha taught: "Do not do the evil, diligently do good deeds and keep the body and mind pure. "


Subsequently, the Venerable gave the lecture of the Four Noble Truths, Buddha's first teaching to the Buddhists so that they could see the truth of sufferings in life. This is a truism. Everyone gets suffers. The point is how to overcome them. Thus, besides practicing Buddha’s teaching, we should properly learn the root of sufferings, and the cause and effect rule so that we can attain the right path overcoming misery in life. Furthermore, the Venerable emphasized the importance of our personal efforts, which may cause happiness or misery to ourselves. That's why we do need to diligently practice to have better deeds, and gradually eliminate the bad ones, making a U-turn from failure to success, suffering to happiness... and fulfill our practicing ideals.


Also, on this occasion, the Venerable offered the participants dharma gifts including books: Buddhism Dharma Saved My Life, Human Life, and How To Achieve Happy .


The Dharma talk ended in the joy of the assemblies.

Following are the photographs from the trip: 

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