Vip Exorcists And The Ignorant Belief Of Magnates In Superstition

Update: 22/03/2015
VIP exorcist is a person who has fame, wealth and power, and who can use divine words to threaten people and force them into obeying him.

Vip Exorcists And The Ignorant Belief Of Magnates In Superstition


He uses luxurious and branded goods, his words are god's words. He is of high position so it is better to be thoroughly intimate with his style and try to be as well - mannered as possible to avoid making him angry.


Thầy cúng hành nghề.

An exorcist does his job

For each job he gets thousands of dollars. The price depends on economics of customer and depends on what do they want but it’s quite high and maybe have no chance for the poor people.  

In Quang Ninh Province there is a magnate who runs many companies and earns enormous amounts of money from petrol, coal and building materials: sometimes being issued on the local newspaper for successful businessman’s reputation. He has a large mansion and owns one of the most expensive cars in the world. 

Once talking to him, I was impressed by his words: “ The rich never stay in villas but mansions, the villas are only for the common people; mansions are the rich.”

 The size of his mansion is thousands of square meters with dozens of rooms, all decorated with the most modern furniture. It has smart swimming-pool outdoor, luxurious living room, and the bedroom and garden are just like the ones in the presidental palace. The bedroom’s interior is no less luxurious - much effort is put into choosing from exclusive Western furniture e.g. the bed is unique in Vietnam.

In short, he is a well-known magnate with more than enough money, lacking nothing but health. He has had liver cancer for over three years. His elder son, 22 years old,  is a playboy wasting much money since the time in secondary school. Any social evils are in his exploitation. The younger one,  years old,  is always in sickliness. These things make him very worried.


He told me: “The land has land god, the sea - sea god; to live undisturbed, we have to show our faith in the divine”. Because of such strong belief, he stresses worship as the most important activity. In fact, by personal experience, I think that when people are in suffering, loss or panic, they normally turn to spirits. However, he supposed everyone is an expert in something - he is a businessman, the worship is not his professional and it should be the exorcist’s affair. To be sure of the success of his actions, he asked for the help of not one, but three exorcists.

According to him, market is also battlefield, so a businessman has a lot of opponents who always try to crush him. Anyone can be an opponent’s spy. Even if they are not, people sometimes make mistakes, so be sure of such success as serving three exorcists. Certainly, to let the magnate verify the exactness of their words, they don’t know each other.

Following the exorcists’ words, he has a private room for worship which includes many folk gods From Board of Service, Mandarin Council, Heaven King, Officer of constellation in the southern hemisphere,  Officer of constellation in the northern hemisphere, Five honorable lords, Three prince lords, to Board of Three blessed virgins, Board of Mountain garden manor. Board of having an audience with the king


 His temple has incense smoke spiralling up and nice fruit. The one whose ability looks the most trustworthy, is invited to perform at important ceremonies. His exorcist is the most famous in the world of exorcism. He works only for powerful magnates.


 The exorcist said: “Our world and the spiritual world are the same, so we should pay the greatest respect to receive the best protection from the gods. This is dialectic and scientific”. He always has a grave appearance and branded suits both in summer and winter. His inseparable equipments,

a cutting-edge laptop and smartphone, such as iPhone, are always with him. They come from his regular believers’ offering. People say that it is a really a matter of luck if the he receives such gifts, because he can predict the luck and avoid the opposite.

Well-known Branded Votive Motorcycle

The magnates who concern to exorcist must put the responsibility to him. Apart from giving gifts to the family, they also have to provide gifts for them and they must be high quality. Some magnates use all well-known branded things of from clothes, belts, watch, handbag


Their payment being in envelop is respectively handed. Businesses have carefully bought reservations in luxurious resorts for their exorcist to relax. Whenever he wants to travel, his tickets are to be book in complete advance. He always has escords to guard safele. Many good ones need rich men respond immediately. This is to satisfy them and keep them working for their employers. Or else, he is disturbed and refuse to do the deeds.


 The magnate from Quang Ninh had a lot of wealth, but suffered in poor health. His elder son is a playboy, and the younger one is in disease, which constantly worries him; he also spent a fortune for offerings without any result. According to his exorcist, he should have hid elder son taken in Triratna refuge. This way he would change his personality. According to the spiritual specialist this should be done in a famous pagoda in Da Nang Province.

Just after listening to the advice, he ordered 3 VIP tickets to Da Nang city, where the pagoda is  located. However the situation did not change after that, but being in failure. Therefore , exorcists were regularly invited to have the rituals.


Half a year later both of them separated. The reason is the blatant actions of the exorcist. When they went to the Central Vietnam to make a ceremonial offering, the magnate took his young girlfriend to the plane and put her together with the exorcist in the VIP class.


Actually the exorcist and his young girlfriend “pretened to be shy in good sense”. His sweetheart is just like a decoration, for he is too weak to do anything. They stayed in a deluxe hotel.  In the end his beloved girlfriend and his have exorcist have been seen  out from the exorcist’s room in a slovenly mood. Very angry, the magnate left them away.


When talking about the terrible situation of another magnate, who is facing an imprisonment due to bankruptcy in Ho Chi Minh city, a businessman, considered the baron of real estate in Ha Noi, told everyone at a party about the importance of having a reliable exorcist. He confidently said that: “Ones are predestined to be wealthy or poor. The same case is Prisoners’  the wealth of the rich who don’t make ceremonial offerings will be decreased and the duration of imprisonment also depends on the offerings. He supposes that there are two points which lead to success and create the difference between people: grasping good opportunity and getting a good exorcist. This explains why this magnate who follows this exorcist is successful while that person who follows another exorcist is unsuccessful and gets a lot of suffering. It is all because of choosing a false exorcist”.

Paper votive bulidings

After stopping for a while he continued: “Remember, every profession has its professionals and amateurs, so if you get the good one you will achieve success, otherwise if you get a bad exorcist, you will certainly fail”. After that he laughed hysterically, looking like he already got the best one.


Every year he spends billions of dongs on making ceremonial offerings. For example, during New Year he makes offerings in many temples to relieve him of his run of bad luck and practice witchcraft rituals at various temples. His offering is as great as his position in the real estate world.

His master, who lives in Hung Yen province, was born in 1969 and looks feminine. He is not only an exorcist but also a fortune-teller, attending séances, making offerings, and many others… In his viewpoint, the purpose of offerings is to ask for divine intervention so that they can change the situation.


Normal people have two eyes but he has “a third eye” which can realize the customers’s problem and help them solve it. Whenever he meets customers, he tells them that it is a good luck for them to meet him because  with the power, after making an offering  their family will become prosperous and blooming, the wife will be more beautiful; the children will be more clever and studious… Every difficulty will be driven away– from the grossest to the subtlest one such as problems in marriage life, social relationship, excorcism, search for stolen property …  Everything will be all right after his performance of offering rituals.


In short, we can imagine his power looks like that of the monkey, the first disciple of Ven. Hsun Shang in a famous novel of China, with 72 powers. However, customers have to pay a huge price, which not all people can afford.


Once we visited him, he opened the paper and told us that: “This Croesus is so miserly. The other day he came to me, I realized the bad omen and informed him that he had to make an offering to relieve it, but he did not do it because of holding money. Now he is facing charges for fraud. This is the price he has to pay for being hard-fisted”.


Then, he added that he does everything with the purpose of creating merit, without any benefit for himself. He can help the poor who are generous enough to become rich, but the rich who are stingy will become poor. Dietiesknow everything so we should show our true heart by making offering generously. Those who sincerely make offerings, their prayers will be answered. On the contrary,  the miserly one will reduce their own blessings thereby facing bad luck.


Believing in what he said,  most of his “customers”  follow his words and accept exorbitant prices for his ritual performances. Also, he told them that if they spend one dollar on ritual offerings, they will gain one hundred dollars. He considers himself as an intermediary between the Gods and people, who can pass the people’s request to god, and different problems need different Gods. All of this belongs to the professional ability of the exorcist. People will not have access to divine intervention without talented exorcists like him.


He kept bragging endlessly about himself ;however, a few days later  it is  said that he had hidden from a customer who followed his device to make a great offering to relieve his business from bad luck but had bankrupted after three months.


Hearing the bad news, he resorted to a retreat for “more power” to avoid meeting the businessman and anyone. He now looks like a tortoise which hides itself in the shell.


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