Vesak 2014 Mysterious Dharma

Update: 07/05/2014
Lunar April – a historic month is the month of birth celebration of Buddha (April 15th lunar year). Yearly, when bunches of flamboyant show off their gorgeous beauty, as well as pagodas’ yards are full of sunshine and floating flags, Buddhists become dazed with the history of respectable Buddha – Sakya.

Vesak 2014 Mysterious Dharma


“What a happy birthday of Buddha” - that words becomes a\r\nlyric which is sung everywhere as reminding us to remember the source of\r\nBuddhism and the miraculousness of Buddha taken to us.

\r\nThe 2558th Buddha’s birthday anniversary brings a great significance. Moreover,\r\nit is taken place along with the Vesak festival organized by the 2014 United\r\nNations at Bai Dinh Pagoda in Ninh Binh province. That is Vietnamese Buddhism’s\r\npride as well as a bridge - between Vietnamese Buddhism and Buddhism in the\r\nworld – building a peaceful friendship life for human’s happiness.
\r\nNot be at random have the Buddhism developed strongly, people have experienced\r\nthe fact of everyday life to utter, “The Dharma is magic and subtly wonderful”.\r\nLike as identification of Buddhism from a philosopher – a doctor – a musician –\r\nALBERT SCHWEITZER, he said “in the earth, Buddha show truths that have\r\neverlasting values and virtue education not only for Indian but also for all\r\nliving beings. Buddha, one of geniuses for great virtue, is unprecedented in\r\nthe world”.
\r\nMentioning mysterious Dharma, we cannot forget about the stories of Buddha’s\r\nlife, Venerable King Tran Nhan Tong on Yen Tu mountain and Bodhisattva Thich\r\nQuang Duc… They are the excellent witness, bright pattern for Dharma, living\r\nforever.
\r\nTime gives us chances but it doesn’t wait anyone. Therefore, right at Hoang\r\nPhap pagoda, from the day it was established to now, many “Magic Dharma”\r\nprograms have shown, however, amount of fact stories haven’t been given chances\r\nto make VCDs about magic effects from Dharma. Most recently, “Sunflower”\r\nprogram is a product of Hoang Phap pagoda as well as VCDs Du Hoa of Senior Ven.\r\nThich Chan Tinh, All of them who are interested widely shine mercy. Buddhism\r\ncertainly becomes the pulse of the nation, combining with quintessence of each\r\nperiod to develop but keeping the basic culture and the original custom in our\r\ncountry.
\r\nIn order to see the mysteriousness of Buddha, no way is better than practicing\r\nfollowing the teachings of Buddha. On the occasion of Buddha’s birthday\r\nanniversary and 2014 Vesak festival, Buddhist activity is spreading strongly,\r\nso at Hoang Phap pagoda many programs which will be taken place, bring great\r\nmeaning to each Vietnamese in general and to Buddhists in particular such as:\r\ngardening Lambini, hanging flags, posters, slogans, lanterns symbolized Buddhism.\r\nEncouraging people buy with promotion and discount, holding musical shows,\r\nvisiting and giving presents to poor people, patients in the hospitals named\r\n“together step for love”…


All of expedient activities help us sowing good seeds to\r\nchange or delete the retribution because Buddha used taught: “All living beings\r\nwere born by the retribution. The retribution is ours, so we have to enjoy it”.\r\nHowever, where is the retribution from? It’s from our mind, which means that\r\nour mind chooses the hell or the heaven by itself.
\r\nEveryone knows that the life is not smooth as a river, so it’s not easy to\r\nenjoy a peaceful and happy life because enemies and karmic hindrances always\r\nfollow us. Therefore, we have to intensively respect to Buddha, patiently\r\ncultivate one region, and usually practice as the teachings of Buddha:\r\ncompassion – joyful giving – wisdom – courage. Trying to cultivate patiently\r\nwill repulse the bad retribution, and give us happiness and the mysteriousness\r\nof Dharma right this life – the worldly world.

“Mysterious Dharma” – a pretty abstract phrase makes somebody understand hard\r\nas they haven’t experienced, but others who have been Buddhists easily close to\r\nand penetrate it more because they command the good origin to create merit\r\nretribution; or he have infected the mysteriousness in their life.

When grasping spiritual values as well as fact benefits of Buddhism’s culture,\r\ncoming to pagodas and worship Buddha, searching and applying Dharma into real\r\nlife is obvious works. It is the same as eating rice as being hungry, and\r\ndrinking water as being thirsty, that is why faith in psychical world is more\r\nand more solid, which is Buddhism’s characteristic culture in general.

Is Vietnamese fatherland durable or not? Does Vietnamese Buddhism fame\r\npermanently or not? All depend on what the mysteriousness of Buddha brings.
\r\nPeople usually say “Buddha in general, scenery in particular”. Therefore, when\r\nwe are please remember Buddha, please come to Buddhism, and please do following\r\nhis teachings, etc. These will help to see the mysteriousness of Buddha, to\r\ncome back to Buddhism to make beautiful as flowers which have both beauty and\r\nfragrance, like as two poem sentences of Senior Ven Thich Chan Tinh:

Each person is like a flower which
\r\nBlooms balmily as The Thus-Come building.


That is small present to dedicate to Sakyamuni Buddha on the Buddha’s birthday\r\nanniversary and the 2014 Vesak festival.


Translated by Nguyen Hoang Oanh


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