Summer Retreat

"Understanding and Compassion" - Student Summer Retreat 2017

Update: 09/07/2017
Student Summer Retreat has been one of the interested Buddhism activities of Hoang Phap Pagoda for Buddhists in Viet Nam and abroad.


Therefore, since early of July 2017, monks and serving Buddhists at Hoang Phap pagoda have been busy with the preparation for the course. Up to now, all the departments as registration, decorating, cleaning, kitchen, ... are ready to welcome the young guests. Despite the hard-work, everyone looks fresh and happy wishing all the best to the participants and the retreat. Especially this time, the youths will have opportunity learning soft-skill and Buddhism etiquette for better behaviors and thoughts in every community (family, school…); heading towards the life with Truth-Goodness - Beauty.

This is also the interested Buddhism activity for the Abbot and monks of Hoang Phap pagoda, who are deeply concerned about the renovation and quality of the retreat to nurture and cultivate good seeds in the mind of the youths, future owners of the country.

Following are the recorded photographs:



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