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Ullambana Festival in London City – England

Update: 14/08/2015
For Vietnamese in general and Buddhists in particular, the dutiful spirit is a cultural value, an everlasting lifestyle and a tradition, which is worth honoring and proceeding. From that spirit, sons and daughters of the Buddha are excited to welcome a dutiful season by celebrating the Ullambana festival in every autumn.

Ullambana Festival in London City – England

In responding to Most Ven. Thich Le Nguyen – the Chairman of Vietnam Buddhist Association in the United Kingdom, on 08. Sep. 2015 (Lunar Year 24th June, Goat year), Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh and monks of Hoang Phap pagoda came to London to celebrate the Ullambana ceremony with Buddhists.

The Vietnam Buddhist Association in the UK has been established since 2013, so far many programs have been organized for Buddhists living and working in London. This year, monks and Buddhists continued to hold Ullambana ceremony as a special culture of Buddhism as well as a reminder for young generation to recall huge merit of parents.

In the morning, the Ullambana ceremony was held solemnly at the Deptford hall - in London, with traditional rituals like delivering speech, offering, pining roses, offering clothes to monks and nuns. The Senior Ven. reminded Buddhists of the dutiful spirit of Mahamaudgalyayana. He also desired that though they were far from their homeland, their dutiful spirit had to be always prioritized and cherished in mind as a lifestyle of Buddha’s children. The ceremony took place in an atmosphere full of emotional feelings and religious affections.


 In the afternoon, Buddhists attended the ceremony of the Four Improtant Gratitude: parents, teachers, nations, and thousand types of creatures. All of the Buddhists read "Gratitude" poem and then they spent some minutes on self-reflection to feel profound values ​​of the Four Improtant Gratitude.  Each Buddhist should live deservedly to repay a portion of those favor.

Next, the Sen. Ven. mentioned about the importance of the word "harmony" in life and cultivation. He emphasized six “harmonies” rules of Buddhism. If one’s physical body was balanced, he would have a peace of mind. If one’s family was harmonious, they will feel happy. If a society and nation were harmonious, they would be safe and sound. Similarly, an organization or union run on the spirit of harmony, they would develop strongly and sustainably.


He also advised everyone to prioritize common interests as the root of all things, not conflicts or egos because these would influence on public development. Everyone should keep a non-ego and altruistic spirit on mind in order to mutually build the Vietnam Buddhist Association which could grow significantly and bring values of peace and happiness to everyone.

 The festival took place in cozy and blissful environment. In the end, Hoang Phap pagoda gave Buddhists Dharma gifts including books ‘Dharma’s Saving My Life’, ‘Still Having Happiness’, a DVD of ‘The 7th  Sunflower’.


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Translated into English by To Luong Bao Hoang Phuong.

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