Two kinds of crime

Update: 07/09/2021

Two kinds of crime


According to Angutara – Nikaya sutra, chapter two, Punishment section, the sutra of Two Kinds of Crime:

“I heard that

One day, Budha stayed at Sàvatthi, Victory Forest, Anàthapindika’s garden. Budha gathered the monks and gave a lecture:

- There are two kinds of crimes, monks. What are these? One crime causes the result at the present, the other causes the result in the next life. The kings catch the thieves and criminals, and apply punishment on them. They are punished by sticks, ropes, arm – cut, leg – cut, ear – cut, nose – cut. They are also punished by hot cauldron of oil, head shell – shaped cut, pharynx cut, burned around like a garland, arm – burned (straw tied around arms), phloem made a covered skin, mountain goat punishment, hooked into skin, coin – shaped skin cut, punishment of cubic body shape, body transformation, kicks fallen from high tower. They are poured hot oil being food for dogs, or driven in a stake when being alive, beheaded.

Someone said: “Due to bad causes, the kings catch the thieves, criminals and apply punishment. They are hit by sticks, beheaded by swords. If we do such bad causes, we are caught and punished like that.” He is scared of punishment and does not offend against the law.

This is called the crime causing the result at the present.

What is the crime causing the result in the next life? It is considered that: “The result of bad body in next lives is cruel and miserable. The result of bad speech is cruel and miserable. The result of bad mind is cruel and miserable. If the body does cruelly, the words are said cruelly and our mind are wickedly thought, why can we, after death, reborn in the hell?”. He is scared of the result of after-lives, no longer doing cruelly and practice doing good things, no longer saying cruelly and practice saying good things, no longer thinking cruelly and practice thinking good things, and practice ego calmly. This is called crime causing the reborn result.

These are two kinds of crime. Therefore, the monks should practice like this: “We should be scared of crime causing results at the present. We should be scared of crime causing results in next lives. We should be away from crimes. We should fully understand danger of crimes.” Therefore, you should practice. Whoever may be away from crimes, whoever may be fully understand danger of crimes, they could escape from all of the crimes.

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai

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