Two Brothers: Elder - Sohu’s C.E.O; Younger – Monk Lecturer

Update: 07/10/2015
Zhang ChaoYang (Charles Zhang) graduated as a Ph.D of physics in the U.S. and now he is Sohu. com’s C.E.O, one the largest Chinese internet company. His brother, Zhang Lei, graduated from Xi Bei University and becomes a monk of Fo Men temple in Xi’an with the dharma name of Guo Yi.

Two Brothers: Elder - Sohu’s C.E.O; Younger – Monk Lecturer


Among them, the propertied one is always in suffering; the penniless one is in happy. What is the reason?

Zhang ChaoYang said: “My life is full of competition, danger and stress, which is totally different from the glorious and satisfied form seen by people. I myself bear loneliness”.

 â€œTwo years ago, I had the feeling of insecurity. I actually didn’t know why such feeling just came without any way to overcome. It was really more serious that I stopped my work and went for solving this problem.” Zhang ChaoYang revealed that he had tried with American psychologist, searched anything related to psychology and even sought in the Eastern philosophy just for this problem.


In 2012, the time of fierce competition between the big cheeses of Chinese Internet companies, Zhang ChaoYang left temporarily for practicing Buddhism for two years. After having isolated from others for cultivation, his mind changed in the relationship between people, in the humble attitude and in the notion of happiness. “In my position, I before always think that the people who want to meet, to contact or to approach me always with own purpose; therefore, I normally don’t care much of them. Now I have completely changed I recognize that it is meaningful that in every moment I contact to other people, that they are also parts of my life. I used to think the happiness can be found from wealth and fame, the more wealth and fame I have, the more happiness I can get. However, the two years of retreat I awaked the real happiness that doesn’t depend on money. If it really is then I was not suffering for long time. Money builds your success but without well control yourself, the impasse and suffering you will fall in easily.”


Shifu Guo Yi said: “In my memory, during our childhood, my brother loves playing game about the monk and the hermit or telling me the story of Master Xuanzang who traveled India for taking the Buddhist texts back to China. His Buddhist spirit was known to be full in his deep mind. On May 27th, 2011 he visited me and said: “If you are not here, it may be me. Although we are now in different ways but I still believe we will be back in the same place some day. My younger brother and sister also deeply believe in Buddhism, they always ask books for learning whenever they visit me.”


When we asked Shifu Guo Yi for the feeling of 20 years’ s  being a monk, he said: “Buddhist teaching is the truth and if you really practice, and really realizing something, your own defilements will be eliminated. I study Buddhism during the time of university. I take Ven. JingYi of WoLong temple in Xi’an as my master. I learn about science; therefore,  since everything for me much be clear, it can’t be such kind of superstition. I got job as scientific searching in Xi’an in a good environment and I think if I was not a monk I could study higher…One day my Master JingYi wanted to take a retreat in Jizu Mountain and asked me to follow. Leaving everything behind I went for seeking my new life and together with contemplation and meditation, those thinking before gradually removed. I’m really happy now…”

Mind and money belong to two various categories between corporeal and incorporeal then how money â€“ visible and limited -  can use to measure happiness â€“ invisible and unlimited , how the material can be replaced the mental world?

 So what should we do? It’s just simple when we devote our limited life and property for the meaning of unlimited living, use the material world to create the mental world. On the other hand we can say if people want to be happy they should have a certain faith of spirit and from there they can learn how to develop, how to cultivate their mind to awake from delusion, then they can see the true happiness.

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