True happiness.

Update: 08/09/2021

True happiness.


Daily life revolves around, struggling with food - clothes - money has caused us to lose a lot of strength and mind. Sometimes, it also makes us tired because of calculations, projects, and worries.

During the pandemic, we feel unsafe and helpless in the face of death that can come at any time. The line between happiness and suffering is just like a thin thread, stepping over lightly is to reach the other side.

In the society, there are many doctors, nurses and volunteers who are struggling and fighting with the evil disease in order, one day, to reunite with their families happily. Happiness inherently comes from the simple things around us, just feeling peace, a flower also makes us feel secureIn the Khuddaka Nikaya, the Collected Sutras, the Small Chapter, part IV - The Supreme Good Omen, there is the following passage about the true happiness of a person living at home:

 “True Happiness 

(translation of Senior Venerable Thich Thien Chau)

 Taking care of elderly parents

Love your spouse and children

No troubles

That is true happiness.


Give and live properly

Should help people

Act without reproach

That is true happiness.


Banish evil

Quit drinking

Diligent in the Right Way

That is true happiness.


Being respectful and humble

Knowing enough and be grateful

Depending on the time to study morality

That is true happiness."

Thereby, we realize, is it difficult to achieve happiness? It's not difficult at all! As the above scripture shows, once we live honestly and sincerely with those around us, know how to share love, extend our helping hands, we are and will have happiness

The concepts of fame, money, beauty, good food, and good sleep are not mentioned here. Because, it is not true happiness. These things are only fleeting shadows of joy, which come and go, temporary like smoke, filled with insecurities and lies. Only true happiness as taught by the Buddha can really bring us and others long-term security.


Tâm Cung .

 Translated into English by Cao Thanh Tuyen

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