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Transferring Greedy Mind to Vowing Mind

Update: 12/04/2016
Buddha said that greed is the source of misery. In order to solve the misery, we should start from “knowing the greed”. There are two human’s need. One is the needs; and the other is the desire

Transferring Greedy Mind to Vowing Mind

Whenever desire is over need, it is called “greed”. People usually don’t know how much they need and it is difficult to distinguish the difference between needsand desire. Therefore, they always feel that they don’t have enough what they want. 

In fact, it is  not difficult to discriminate needs and desire. Drinking water when we feel thirsty, which is the needs. It is enough for us if we just only drink one glass of water. On the other hand, we save one or two glasses of water to drink when we need, which is called “greedy”. We just only solve the current issue ofyour need. It is the same situation like giving birth to rely on old ages, accumulating rice to save famine. What do we need afterwards? Is it right that we need such a demand? We don’t have any way to foresee; therefore, we don’t have to think much. 

People cannot survive if they are lack of food. They cannot maintain human race if they are not coital. Chinese said "Like eating is a human nature”. As we can see that eating, being coital is a normal human's issue. It is considered a bad thing due to excessive needs,  immergence yourself in the material living. Therefore, they cannot help themselves such as passionating sexual affairs or living a debauched life; all of which will lead to misery. However, if we have  real interests and ability to reach these goals, it is not the matter. On the other hand, we are a workaholic, we will take many trouble.


Apart from basic needs to survive, people also like seeing beautiful landscapes, listenning to good music; in general, the human’s needs of watching, listening more is normal. Therefore, enjoying the beautiful landscape and music is called an instinctive reaction. We don’t need to escape from it. In the park, flowers andtrees are used to enjoy by everyone. Let it appear in front of us. We just only contemplate the beautiful view. If we enjoy favorable some music, we will focus on listening them; this is also the way for entertainment.


 Seeing beautiful flowers, we rise up to pick them out to home; which is called greed. Music is the same. Listening to music infatuatedly is caused to forget all for your enjoyment. The more you are sunk in music, the needs of listening more day by day. We cannot stop chasing desires, possession. It is greedy. Thus, pursuit of life’s beautiful quality is a normal issue of human; yet it becomes laggati which will cause to affliction.


Desire and love is not a bad thing, but desire usually leads to greed of human. When people has the desire, love and greed initiate together. It will turn to affliction. However, greed should make the difference between good or bad rate. It is the same as love for devotion and desire for hope. Hope for yourself and whole world better and in more civilized progress, whose passion and greed will be transferred to the will of the mind, hope. Therefore, they also are transferred to the good thing, working hard to devote to the society.


HT. Thánh Nghiêm

Translated into English by Nguyen Huynh Dac Hanh.

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