Those days was the most beautiful ones

Update: 14/06/2020
How immense love father and mother are! The vast merit of the parents who give us this shape, give us crying, laughter and familiar voices in the mother tongue.

Those days was the most beautiful ones


How many times the fall leaves fell, it withered and crouched under the tree. Then as time went on, it also melted into the soil, regenerating as fertilizer to help the plants grow, and then new young leaves began to sprout again. Human life, too, will go on the end of life by the short years to go back to the earth and the samsara goes on in the six realms that never end. Being reborn in this life, the three appeared individuals who are mother, father and their child have met again in a simple and light situation under the shelter of the Buddhadharma.

How gladly it is when meeting the Buddha Dharma in the shape of a six-sense full body  and more especially when having a sincere father with the Three Jewels, always devoted to building temples, supporting monks and nuns in the Buddhist affairs. There is a mother who always goes to the temple, or recites the Buddha names at home, praying for her children and grandchildren to have a safe living:

One beings is kneeling and bowing to the Buddha.

May my family overcome tribulations in life,

 Gaining happiness and peace is in each breath.

That is the familiar prayers of a mother who is now over sixty years old. (Hope the viewers do not rush to judge those sincere wishes as uselessness or ignorance ... it will blow out the hopes of others. In fact, there are people busy in an endless life cycle, they don't have time to distinguish what is pure Dharma or not. They can only light a dim light, pray for peace for the long days ahead.)

What a joy it was when Buddha Dharma came to me in a childhood of mischievous age. Fortunately, thanks to my parents cultivating, the Buddha's teachings, Buddhist stories at night, meaningful sutras I am heard, they sound so melodious and full of love:

    "Oh! It is worth to respect in life,  

Buddha's merit is immeasurable.

Hey, Buddhists have predestined conditions,

Grateful to the Buddha, let specialize in spiritual practice”.

Accompanying the prayers from the mother is sincere, the friendly voice really moved... Those things helping my religious heart are growing more and more.

A little older, I fell in love with the gray shirt of Buddhist family, being close with my good friends. From there, I worked harder at the temple. Parents feel so very happy. Each day passed, the monks' shapes were imprinted on me, and the admiration and respect for the Monks have formed since then. I secretly hope I can also become a monk in future.

Today growing up and thinking more about life, I relive the peaceful days with my parents, remembering teachings in the manner applied from Buddhism giving me a perfect cover without a bit of ceiling dust.

I would like to express my gratitude to my parents who have always been guiding me, advising me to become a monk in order to help me have a strong faith in the Triple Gem, a great longing to become a monk later. Time going on, that inspiration goes with me through the difficult and painful days of life…. until the appropriate time, that desire has had enough conditions, I would come back to carry out it.

Thus, those days will be the best days...!


 Tam  Kien 

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