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Thirty zeros of a Person’s Life

Update: 20/04/2015
With plan- Without implement

Thirty zeros of a Person’s Life


With opportunity – Without taking advantage

With conduction – Without completing the task

With value - Without manifesting it

With progress – Without persistence

With  assignments – Without achievement

With ability - Without upholding it

With creativity - Without popularity

With knowledge - Without application

With the target – Without bravery

With effort - Without benefit

With regulation - Without following it

With a will - Without endurance

With enthusiasm – Without consistency 

With perseverance -  Without firmness

With awareness – Without  attitude

With vigorous behavior - Without humility

With a command = Without execution

With a method – Without aqction

With an action – Without result

With background – Without creativity

With a business – Without  quantification

With standard  â€“ Without examination

With achievements -  Without encouragement

With  system - With out enforce

With disposal - With out checking

With stage  - With out performance

With groups - Without cooperation

With visions -  Without  discovery

With problems- With out solutions

 Translated into English by Thai Thi Minh Thu.

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