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Third birthday of ‘the Dharma Guadian’ group

Update: 13/01/2015
After the busy days with the retreats and the ceremony of the night festival with flower garlands and coloured lanterns on the commemorative birthday of Amirabha Buddha, on the evening of 11 Jan,. 2015 (21 Nov. of lunar year of the Horse) the management board of the group named ‘The Dharma Guardian Group’ held its third birthday at the main lecture hall of Hoang Phap Pagoda. Almost 1,000 members of the group gathered at the pagoda to participate in this event.

Third birthday of ‘the Dharma Guadian’ group


The Dharma Guardian Group was formed in the year 2011 and\r\noriginated from the initiative of the youths with enthusiasm and activeness so\r\nas to help the pagoda in Buddha’s work. The number of the youths enrolled to be\r\nthe group’s members has been increasing since then - up to now the total is\r\nover 3,000. Their need for studying and cultivating themselves in Budhist\r\nDharma has also been increasing. It is for the very reasons that Hoang Phap\r\nPagoda has organised various activities that suit the youths’ aspirations in\r\ntheir study and self-improvement, work and entertainment so that they may have\r\na wholesome and useful playing- field. 

Three years have elapsed. So, the third birthday of Hoang\r\nPhap Pagoda Dharma Guardian Group was also the occasion on which its Management\r\nBoard and its members together look back to their formation and development\r\nprocess so as to make its coming concrete study and cultivation programs. 

Coming to witness and take part in the program, Junior\r\nVenerable Thich Tam Thuan, general Buddhist law supervisor and manager of Hoang\r\nPhap pagoda, on behalf of Hoang Phap pagoda expressed compliments as well as\r\nencouragements to the members of the group. He praised them for their\r\nenthusiasm in their supporting Buddha’s work during the past. Their work really\r\nbrought them good blessings and profits to the community as well. “I hope that\r\nyou will always well perform your studies as well as your cultivation so that\r\nyou may become useful persons not only for the Dharma but also for our society,\r\nand only in such a case may you deserve being a true Dharma gardian, Jun. Ven.\r\nThich Tam Thuan also added. “In addition, the managing board together with the\r\ngroup members should well perform their own roles in putting forth study and\r\ncultivation programs so that ultimately expected results will be\r\nobtained.” 

On this occasion Hoang Phap Pagoda also had its recompenses\r\naiming at commending those who had best achievements in Buddha’s work as well\r\nas their past progress made during their studies and cultivation. Although the\r\npresents are small in size, they show an encouragement of the spirit of those\r\nwho will exert themselves better in the year to come. 

Following the main parts of the ceremony commemorating the\r\nbirthday of Amitabha Buddha were the musical performances called ’Warming up\r\naffection’ presented by  members of the ‘Dharma Guardian\r\nGroup.” 

Attached herewith are some recorded pictures. 

Translated into English by Mr. Hoang Huan, layman..

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