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Vietnamese people originally respect “affection” seriously. When in need, those who do not help are not heroes. However, it does not mean that “heros” have to show “bank statements'' (make up a list) or show off to everyone what they did. Conscience is an uncountable unit. With the love to help, they do not think much.

The only thing to measure conscience is CAUSE AND EFFECT. Do you believe in cause and effect? If it is not, we cannot discuss it anymore. If you do, please do not judge anyone or anything if you are not masterful about them. The only thing which you could do is to consider deeply in the nature of life, in order to sympathize and notice how many good things should be done. Natural disasters, pandemic, and so many things still keep going on. 

Obviously no one always wants to be a receiver, and maybe no one does not want to be “the hero”.  Yet the spirit of the Vietnamese could not ignore victims  in need. They do by all means and at all costs just for people to be better although they are sufferers. If you affectionately and understandingly took the Vietnamese’s viewpoint to consider a person, you would sympathize and forgive some minimal errors when “the heros” wholeheartedly did at that time. The love of the same origins, living in the same country is their motivation to help the needy, to share and to encourage the poor. Maybe when they wholeheartedly and affectionately helped, they just did “charity” at all costs and certainly did not enumerate their time, work, sacrifice, tears and honor.

Society should be obvious, and life should be pure, no matter what it is. But we cannot destroy a whole forest just because of some worms. The results of misunderstanding will be unpredictable if charity and conscience is misinterpreted. Many people will stave off “charity for the poor, agent orange victims, natural disaster victims” appeal, as “most people are scared of death, swords, and supposing the others to act the same; don’t kill, don’t ask to kill” (extracted from Dharmapada, Mantra number 129 – 130), especially trust is eliminated because lack of understanding and love”. 

You may agree or disagree, but  do not affect the whole nation’s trust. Importantly, investigation should be based on “right view, right thought” but for some negative viewpoints which are breaking the trust among people and community. 

If you are an influencer, you have to be cautious to give your viewpoint about someone. As the way you take your point of view is the way you are, and to see yourself. It is taught that: “Think twice before saying or action”, and Buddha also taught: “Do not believe something just because of traditions, do not believe just because of influencers, do not believe just because of the crowd, do not believe just because of propaganda,…”, (extracted from the third Angutara – Nikaya, Kalama sutra, page 65). At this time, all debuts and provocations should be stopped and we should consider deeply.

The truth is always the truth for thousands of years. The origin of “conscience and hero” is the silent sacrifice for the spiritual charity not for keeping in books or history. The best evaluation is your firm mind and heart, do not lose your confidence and bravery. “Charity and conscience” which is based on the “Sympathize and Understanding” foundation will connect with the truth, as it belongs to nations and to cause and effect.



Vô Trí - Tâm Hoà

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai

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