The village of forty thousand Buddhist monks in China.

Update: 19/04/2015
About 600 kilometres from Chengdu - China, Sertar, which is well-known with red houses and the world"s largest Buddhist Institute, located in a scarped mountain.

The village of forty thousand Buddhist monks in China.


Setar has the largest Buddhist Institute of the world, which\r\nis called Larung Gar, founded in 1980.

Over 40.000 monks, nuns and Buddhists stay here for learning\r\nin spite of severe climates throughout the year.

It takes over 20 hours from Chengdu via an endles bumpy road\r\nto getting this place.


Everyday monks and nuns go to school by walking down mountain\r\nfrom 4 kilometres in order to study Buddhism.


Night scence in Sertar.


The dwellings for monks and nuns where TV is not allowed.


People still live in this area.


Buddhist monks are learning hard.


Everyone is dedicated for praying anytime, anywhere, any\r\nplace.


The purity maters everywhere.

Ha Dan (Source: BoredPanda).

Translated into English by On Thi Ngoc Thao.

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