The teacher, 80 years old, free birds on retire day with his students.

Update: 11/06/2015
In the final days of the 12th grade, teachers and students of Luong The Vinh high school in Hanoi performed the ceremony setting birds free for wishing the best things.

The teacher, 80 years old, free birds on retire day with his students.



On May 21st , students of the 12th grade of Luong The Vinh\r\nhigh school celebrated this ceremony. The teacher Van Thuy Duong - a prof. Van\r\nNhu Cuong's daughter said: "This is an annual activity at the school.\r\nProf. Van Nhu Cuong who is 80 years old and a famous teacher on social network,\r\nparticipates in releasing ceremony with his students".


Miss Duong gave a little birds to each student.


She said: "One time, I saw a little girl who ties back\r\nhair, cared of a weak bird. Because it could not fly, she grabbed and put it\r\nunder a flamboyant tree in a garden. Maybe she feared her friends kicked\r\nit in the playing time. That image made me remembered".


According to the representative school, the releasing\r\nwhich is not only a great significance in the Buddhism concepts, but also\r\ncarries the wishes of teachers to their students towards good deeds for oneself\r\nand people in their life.


These beautiful images will be engraved on the memory in the\r\nschool-aged student.


The desire of all teachers that was seen students grow up\r\nand become a good person with a loving heart.


They wished for the continued path.


The lovely ladies of 12th grade in the farewell day.


These images of the good-bye saying day made many people on\r\nsocial network were moved.


 Translated into English by On Thi Ngoc Thao.

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