Summer Retreat

The Summer Retreat – Crying after Smiling.

Update: 08/07/2015
In normal days, there is only the sound of bamboo brooms when the monks and the Buddhists are sweeping the Hoang Phap Pagoda’s yard after the morning chanting.

The Summer Retreat – Crying after Smiling.


But today, the silence is broken by the sound because of the poweful Buddhists concept of the young people who are doing excercise. Trees seems to be smiling with the intense vitarity in the young’s hearts. You are walking in a self-improvement journey and the monks will be the boy scouts who lead you to step correctly on the route of life.


The 7th of August, 2015 (Lunar May. 23rd 2015), the second day of the summer retreat. After having breakfast, everyone gathered in the hall to listen to the Dhrama talk of  Jun. Ven. Thich Tam Nguyen on the topic “Virtual living”. The Venerable talked about the young’s virtual situation of nowadays.


There are many people running to the virtual value and forgetting the present moment so when they look back their own lives, they realized that they lost too much practical and meanful values. Especially, when the technology and information are developing rapidly, the young can be attached and immersed in social networking, online games, ect. They become neglecful, emotionlesss to life, lacking of living ideas and love.


In the Dhrama talk, Venerable expected the young to know how to control their own thinking and come back to the real moment to get solidarity, peace and happiness. They must realize that the true beauty of the spirit and happiness in life which comes from the most simple things.

After the talk, the Venerable also answered the young’s questions about the topic.

In the afternoon of the same day, the young had fun and useful meeting with the monks.

Morning exercise.


Dhrama talk with the topic “Virtual living”.

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