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The Seventh Day of the Summer Retreat – Ups and Downs of Emotions

Update: 14/07/2015
The 11th Summer Retreat in 2015 was coming to its end. Lessons from lectures, experience, spiritual values, living experience had been shared along with many kinds of emotions flaming from the heart. This is a precious lesson to you in our way of improving your personalities, preparing your most stable luggage into life. The last day was also the same; lessons continued to be shared along with the ups and downs of emotions at the course ending day.

The Seventh Day of the Summer Retreat – Ups and Downs of Emotions


In the morning, the students listened to the Dharma talk on the topic “Ego and Mine” by Venerable Thich Thanh Thang, Deputy Secretary – Standing Commissioner of the Central Committee of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha.

To Buddhism, Ego and Mine are relatively accepted since the Self is not permanent but always change in each minute. That is the impermanence, instability of things and phenomenon. Without being aware of this is a reason why people feel miserable, attached from Ego and Mine. 


We have to look back to have a right awareness of ourselves, circumstances and balance our thoughts, words, actions to have a clear mixed natures and mind. People should light their own awareness, comply with living principles to form a certain characters. Besides, it is advised to respect differences of other people, open our heart to accept things to have a rich heart. Be thankful for what we have got, and that things are given will make us happy.


 In the evening, the final round of the game show S-Buddhist was organized excitingly and interestingly.  After the talent show, five excellent candidates won a ticket to come to the final round of the game show.


During this round, the candidates drew out questions from the board of examiners. After 2 minutes for thinking, each candidate had to have a presentation within five minutes. Besides, after each presentation, the examniers would ask the candidate questions according to his/her answer. Passing three rounds, Nguyen Thi Hong Phu with the card No. 1537 was named to be the winner for the first prize of the game show S-Buddhist.

Coming between the game show was an entertainment shows of the students in the retreat course. They showed their talent in the solo, dance, acting. The show also had the participation of singer Trieu Long.

 In spite of inconvenient weather, the program “Lighting Candles for Gratitude” was performed in the very touching atmosphere. The students all listened to their heart to direct them towards to sacred and lofty values, these are The Four Grave Prohibitions taught by the Buddha. With meaningful clips, the students had a deep feeling about the love of parents, people around them, etc. to them; since then, they will form a living way to repay the favor of their parents and all people for our success.

 Below are taken pictures:


The final round of Game Show S-Buddhist.


 The program “Lighting Candles for Gratitude”

Translated into English by Huynh Thi Thao.

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