Summer Retreat

The Secret of Roses - 4th Day of Summer Retreat at Dong Cao Pagoda

Update: 26/07/2017
Manzoni said: “One of the greatest happiness of life is friendship and the other is to have the one who could share a secret or confidence”

The Secret of Roses - 4th Day of Summer Retreat at Dong Cao Pagoda


In the morning of the fourth day in cultivation course, Junior Ven. Thich Tam Dao had a dharma talk on the theme of “The Secret of Roses”.

 A closed friend is the one who is not only visited as you are happy, and successful, but do not give up as you face with a bad problem, or in danger and failure. When you are in recovery, that one is an encourager, an adviser; as you are happy that one will congratulate you; as you are sad, that one will cry and share with you; as you feel alone that will come in time. You always feel warm at the time you think to them in spite of without meeting. That one will never be afraid of sincere words and always direct to say, but do not offend you. It it a person that will exist on your heart.

Besides normal friends, we maintain to get a friendship that is always silent, quiet to back up for interest, help, encouragement, advice and sharing. In the future, in spite of going any places, as of an old house in which parents still stand under the shelter to wait; and over the time we have faced difficulties, obstacles in life; being hesitated in the living route and weakly in front of loving emotions; or we are tired, at a standstill, disappointed, sorrowful, etc. Anyway, when returning, we still have a friend always waiting for, sweating it out, worrying and signing towards our walking steps on life. That friendship never fades, blurs, neither betrays, nor abandon you. Although you need or do not, he/she still exists in your mind, like a rose fragrant spreading in life for more beauty.

In the evening of same day, all of them attended Gameshow (Ringing Pagoda’s bell). By the troublesome questions asking on the dharma Buddha’s   theme and society knowledge accompanying with participants’ enthusiastic competition which made Gameshow becoming attractive, thorny and funny

Following are some recorded photographs:


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