The Root Of Fortune

Update: 21/06/2015
Once the Buddha who resided at Gomagga, in the Simsapà jungle taught the Bhiksus:

The Root Of Fortune


Due to the presence of three truths, an honest Buddhist may have faith in The Three Jewels and create many blessings. What are the three truths?

They are:   honest Buddhists who place their faith in The Three Jewels, alms that they offer to the monks and genuine Buddhist monks who deserve offerings.


(Anguttara Nikaya 1, Chapter 3)




Unfortunate is a very popular concept in folk. People who would be experienced in their life can see the importance of blessings, because they are intellectual but lack fortune they are not always successful. It can also be seen that merit of each person like a tree which has roots, stems and fruits. This tree needs to be regularly watered, fertilized and cultivated, and as a result, it becomes verdant and bears fresh fruit.


The faith is the root of blessings and  it helps them stand firm in storms of life. Right belief is to trust  law of karmic cause and effect ;  they believe that their actions, speeches and thoughts at present will produce corresponding results in the future- what you reap in the future is a result of what you sow now, depending on your Karma. Trust  The Triple Jewels deeply and your life will be enlightened and directed towards goodness. This Faith itself is the root of blessings, the basis for people to do good deeds, make merits and give up, stay away from evils.

Noticeably, your blessings will grow up through alms and offerings. Therefore, you are always advised to help the poor and respect to the elders. The respect is always supposed to be attached to giving offerings and offering services. Such meritorious deeds will cultivate the roots of blessings thereby producing a large number of fresh luxuriant fruits.

More important, the alms should be given to the people in need and the offerings should be given to   the virtuous monks. This can be compared with plants cultivated in favorable weather conditions and they will grow more strongly and certainly produce a lot of fruits.

A Vietnamese proverb says "Blessed people could attain a blissful life. " That confirms the importance of good fortune. Therefore, cultivating roots of fortunate needs enough three aspects: trust, alms and worthy recipients, which is indispensable in the process of acquiring religious knowledge and practice of the Buddhists.

Translated into English by Pham Thi Tuyet Mai.

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