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The Program of “The Light of Dharma, 50th period”

Update: 23/03/2015
On Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 (Lunar February 03rd, Goat Year), thousands of Buddhists from all provinces gathered to Hoang Phap pagoda to attend a day of reciting the Buddha. In this occasion, Hoang Phap pagoda organized the program of “The light of Dharma, 50th period”. Accepted the invitation from the organizing board, Senior Ven. Thich Tri Chon, Abbot of the Khanh An monastery went to Hoang Phap pagoda in order to answer Buddhists’s questions. At the end of the program, Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh, Abbot of Hoang Phap pagoda gave some general observation.

The Program of “The Light of Dharma, 50th period”


The following are questions of Buddhists:

The first question: Dear Master!

I haven’t had any affinities to become\r\na Buddhist but I have some opportunities to visit many pagodas\r\nof our country. When I went to some pagodas, I saw some strange things such as\r\nmany people, after finished praying, they stroked the Buddha and then\r\nstroked to themselves. When I asked some Buddhists, they said\r\nthat they did it as the way to wish for good health. Is\r\nit true that when I touched the Buddha and stroked on myself, I will\r\nhave a good health? One more thing is when I was at Bai Dinh pagoda, people\r\nbroke the hand of Arhat Statue. So, these people could be guilty or not? I\r\nhope you can answer for me and others to understand this issue.\r\nI wuld bevery grateful.

The second question: Dear Master!

In this spring, I have seen many pagodas which\r\nseated the Maitreya Statue in the front of the\r\nyard.  Beside that, I have visited some places and also saw Maitreya\r\nstatue but with more decorated ways. Though standing or sitting, Maitreya\r\nstatues symbolise with a full stomach and a shining round face. There are\r\nsome statues which also have more details such as standing on a big bag, an\r\nelected alcohol hang on the back and a happiness word is between the\r\nbelly. And other types of statues have a lifting hand with gold bars, coins,\r\nstring handles or praying peaches on the shoulder, wearing a hat behind\r\nand standing on the large bag. When I asked the Buddhists, they said that was a\r\nMaitreya Buddha but when I asked sellers of altar statues, it was known as The\r\nGod of Wealth. I don’t know much about the statue so I wonder whether itis\r\nThe God of Wealth or the Maitreya statue. I hope\r\nyour explanation about the distinction. One more thing, I would\r\nlike to ask the reason why the pagoda in new year He stands for the\r\nspring, not for other Buddha or Bodhisattva? I wish\r\nyou feel happy to answer it.

The third question: Dear Master!

I am a Buddhist. I usually go to pagoda chanting Buddhist\r\nceremony and often attend the ceremony of Buddhism. But until now, I haven’t\r\nknown the meaning of beating the bell and Prajna drum to\r\ngreet the monks.

Why do we beat 3 series, not one, two, four or so?\r\nI respectfully to ask you to teach us.

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

 â€œThe 50th program of the light of Dharma”\r\nwill be updated on BBT website as soon as possible.\r\nWould Buddhists browse it.

Here is the images recorded:

Translated into English be Le Thien An

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