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The Program of Dharma Light, Period 55

Update: 13/03/2016
On March 13th 2016 (Lunar February 5th Monkey Year), Buddhists inside and outside of HCMC came to Hoang Phap Pagoda to take part in reciting Buddha Cultivation Course in the first day of the Monkey Year- 2016, in which “The Program of Dharma Light, Period 55” was organized.

The Program of Dharma Light, Period 55


Receiving the invitation of the Board, Junior Venerable Thich Minh Thanh,  lecturer of the HCMC High, Intermediate Buddhist Institute came to the Bodhimadala to answer the questions in the program..


Question 1: Honorable Venerable!

I often listen to audio lectures and take part in the cultivation retreat; so I also understand less or more in Dharma Buddha. Please allow me to ask about learning, knowledge and wisdom. Some people think that the person, who studies, listens, learns a lot would be the one having transcendent wisdom. However, I also listen to Venerables’ teaching that it is the person who practiceswhich is the industrious  practice will arise right wisdom, but the other cases are justconsidered knowledge and educated degree . What are the same and difference of this matter? Please explain to us.


Question 2: Honorable Venerable!

Since I have taken refuge in the Triratna and learned Dharmathe Venerables often teach us to practice patience. But  the more patience I practice, the more suffering I bear  and I feel I cannot overcome it. Sometimes I want to scream or act something to satisfy frustrations but I remember Buddha's teachings  to be patient, so I tried to hold back, but holding back then contained suffering inside me. We wish you  compassionately teach me so that I can understand  this problem thoroughly, having happiness when practicing patience.


Question 3: Honorable Venerable!

My husband is the person who knows Buddhism, regularly go to the pagoda reciting Sutra, and doing merit. But when he returned home,  old bad habits such as: playing cards, drinking alcohol, quarreling with his wife and scolding children as usual. He had no little changing. May I ask: “Why does he know to practice but when having troubles he cannot actively change ? Does the Karma of his former life or the habit in this current life is too heavy or the other causes? What must I do as his wife to advise him. I wish you teach me.

Namah Amitabha or Namo Amitayuse-Buddha

After answering the questions, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, the head of the programhaa few words to stimulate the Buddhists that they must have right thought in their practice. Having that, they will have peace and true happiness in the present and future.

After that, people enter for meditation walking, reciting Buddha as usual.

On the occasion of a cultivation day, the Organization Department offered Buddhists attending this day a DVD of â€™Dharma-cakra’.

 The cultivation course ended in all pleasure.


 These are some specific images:

Translated into English by Ms. Huynh Thi Thu Van.

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