The Program of “The 15th Buddhist General Knowledge”

Update: 20/04/2014
On April 19, 2014 (20 March in Horse Year), Abbot Thich Minh Thanh of Am Phap An (Bao Loc – Lam Dong), a lecturer of Hochiminh Highly Intermediate of Buddhist college, who returned to Hoang Phap Pogoda to lecture the Program of “The 15th Buddhist General Knowledge”

The Program of “The 15th Buddhist General Knowledge”


Buddhists were crowded because this program coincided with\r\nthe day for registering cultivation of the 76th course. In the previous\r\nprograms, Venerable shared on Buddhas life and the basic teachings of Him such\r\nas Three Refuges, Five Precepts, Penance, Vegetarian, Buddha recitation.

This time, the Venerable lectured a Buddhist Dharma talk on\r\nthe theme "One day peaceful retreat". There had been many Buddhists\r\nwho came to temples to practice but they do not understand the meaning and\r\nvalue as well as how utilities and benefits for a day practicing at the temple.

The significance of the practice is expressed immediately\r\nafter the Buddhists have stepped through the temple gate, from the ceremonies\r\nin the main hall to having meals, or practice periods, etc. Every image, every\r\ndeed in the temple have regular meaning but sometimes we are not aware of all\r\ngesture Dharma talk because it’s too familiar. Buddhists who did properly a day\r\nof religious significance will definitely get more peace and bring joy to our\r\nfamily and the society.


Following are some recorded images


Translated by Huynh Thi Tuyet Ngoc.

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