The most venerable visit and preach dharma at hoang phap summer retreat.

Update: 14/07/2016
On the morning of July 13th, 2016 (lunar June 10th, monkey year) Most Law Master Thich Minh Thong, a committee of the directing council, a member of the demonstrating council of the Central of Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam, the Abbot of Hue Nghiem pagoda visited and preached a dharma talk at the Hoang Phap summer retreat.

The most venerable visit and preach dharma at hoang phap summer retreat.


By compassion to the late cultivators who were new practicers into the religious way, the Most Venerable, with the words of deep emotionreminded local monks in the attitude of calmness, lightness, deliberation and deliverance.

In the tradition of the Buddha timeevery three months of raining seasonmonks gathered at one place, in which theyhelp their cultivation with diligence, cutting suffering of the greed, hatred, ignorance. This time is very important. Thanksto gathering at one area and following the fixed courses that cultivators could train their body and mind, review moral principles. On the occasion, the honorable  masters also instructed young monks of their cultivating methods and working experiences during for the long time when they propagated the dharma everywhere.

To leaving – home monk, the principles are very crucial. It is a barrier to prevent them from making evil deeds and implementing good ones. Thanks to the principles, the cultivators could gain the deliverance enlightenment. Practicing of principles helps gain concentration, which is the foundation of developing wisdom.

In spite of cultivations any traditions, any sects, or any dharma doors, etc, keeping  principles as the base. That is a ship overcoming the circle of birth and dead, also is the good medicine to treat the beings’ suffering diseases. Each of the monks must practice these prevention from the smallest things to the heavier one as of killing, stealing, lust and wrong speech.

In this modern life as the developing of society with high technology and material life, the cultivation becomes more difficulties because of temptation of five sense and six desires.

Therefore, the monks should be aware of rightness, cultivate way being calm, and keep away from the unreal scenes  that is easy to lose the ordinary good willing.

The path of leaving home is noble which saves only for the great wisers implementing. However, completing the cultivation path being not easy. So, the cultivators must effort to overcome these troubles.

Here are photos recorded:

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