The Mid-Autumn Festival in Cambodia.

Update: 11/09/2014
The mid-autumn festival or moon-watching festival or reunion festival is the occasion that members of the family come back to their home family, stay together and enjoy cups of green tea with pieces of moon-cake. But, for those who earn their living far away, the mid-autumn festival seems not to be existed anymore, which is just memories. It is the childhood memory when people celebrated the mid-autumn festival in Vietnam. There is either a pity for the new generation, who lost the chance to join in such a happy occasion.

The Mid-Autumn Festival in Cambodia.


Understanding the Vietnamese feeling in Cambodia, on 7th\r\nSeptember 2014 (14th August in Horse Year), Senior Venerable Thich Tam Truc,\r\nwho is the Abbot of Hoang Phap Pagoda in Cambodia, decided to organize a\r\nmid-autumn festival evening for more than 100 children and residents there.\r\nThis first time Vietnamese children in Cambodia were able to participate in\r\nsuch a mid-autumn festival. Those smiles, laughs appeared on childrens faces\r\nand the calls they made whenever someones lantern was turned off, which\r\nreminds me and their parents of the homeland’s reminiscence. What a\r\njubilant happiness for parents because children were finally able to know the\r\nfeeling of mid-autumn festival- a traditional Vietnamese festival. One of the\r\nparents said: "To tell you the truth, this is the first time I\r\nhavent joined the mid-autumn festival since I moved to Cambodia for 30 years.\r\nI really feel happy and cozy and I do hope that Hoang Phap Pagoda would\r\ncelebrate this festival annually."


The mid-autumn festiva ended in the happiness for parents\r\nand the compunction for children. These moments might obviously become the\r\nlovely memory in childrens mind and will never be forgotten.


Hereinafter are some recorded photos: 

Translated into English by Tang Gia Boi.

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