The impact of love

Update: 20/09/2021

The impact of love


For a long time, people are busy looking for somebody to love, to be loved so much, to sacrifice for, to be together through the ups and downs.

However, it is said that: “There are a number of acquaintances, just a few best friends'. Since, people change so fast, sometimes love, sometimes betrayal. Once it is called “no more loving, no more missing”, you could not blame that carelessness in the lull world. To be honest, love is like a bright diamond far away, it looks so beautiful. In reality, it is full of tears and hurt.

How painful it is! The emotion called 'love' is still an unknown number – a factor for scientists and philosophers. People try uselessly to look for the root of love with the hope to see the thing touch so many souls. Sometimes, for the sake of love, people hurt and criticize each other and repeat life unstoppably.

Some time in this life the desire bursts into fire which could burn this body, and spread out to the world and people will be the fire of pain.

Once upon the time, the monk Anand lived in Sàvatthi, at Jetavana, in Anàthapinkika’s temple. One morning, Anand put on his rope and hold an alms bowl and went to Sàvatthi to beg for food with Vangìsa, a senior monk.

At that time, Vangìsa did not feel satisfied, and the desire disturbed him so much. Then, he told Anand a poem:

 “Desire burns me

My mind feel like so hot

How good it is

Buddha’s disciple

Thanks to compassion,

Using dharma putting out that fire”


“Because of craziness

You are burnt

You should give up silent appearance

Which results in greed and desire

These uncertain actions

Pain, not egoism

Stop the great desire

Don’t let it burn you

Practice to pure thinking

Try to concentrate your mind

Practice to mindfulness

Practice disgust of five desires

Practice absolute truth of nothingness

Give up sleepiness

Thanks to stopping egoism

You will be in peace”.

 (Samyuktagamas sutra 1, chapter 8, Senior Vangìsa, part 4, Ananda)

Tâm Cung 

 Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai

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