Summer Retreat

The Fourth Day of Summer Retreat , S- Buddhist’s Talent

Update: 10/07/2015
Eventful, exciting and full of surprises; those are the feelings from the young participants in the semi final round of the S-Buddhist Game show, which was happened on the fourth day of the Summer Retreat – dated July 10th, 2015 (May 25th, The Goat Year).

The Fourth Day of Summer Retreat , S- Buddhist’s Talent

As usual, in every morning of the Summer Retreat, the participants have a chance to listen to the sermons, in order to learn what Buddha taught. In this year Summer Retreat, Bhiksuni Thich Nu Huong Nhu, a lecturer from Buddhist Vietnam Academy in Ho Chi Minh city, who is also the Abbot of Thien Quang pagoda, Binh Duong province, had a speech about the topic “To heal the wound inside you”.

Each one of us has a profound wound inside our heart, which embodies hurts or the silent tears that are hard to share with anyone. In Buddha’s forty nine years of truth, He gave the sermons to people in order to teach them how to heal the inside wounds, He analyzed the suffering and the ways to destroy it.

The hurt could be from the complexity of the inferiority when we couldn’t have something finished; it could be from families, society or from self experiences. It is important that we know how to accept it, to change the pains into the actions without immerging ourselves in the disappointment.

In order not to create the inner sore to yourselves or to others, you need to stop the only-enjoying lifestyle, you need to stop being selfish, living fast and loving quickly. You need to respect yourselves and others, you need to open your mind to forgive and love more. Instead of putting yourselves in the disappointment, go and find the ones who you can trust to share and to find a way out.


In the evening of the day is the second round of the S-Buddhist Game show. The participants must passed the first round to get into this round, the first round was writing with a topic from the organizers. The secret topic is “The letter to Buddha”. The participants must write letters to Bhagava to express their feelings and aspirations. In hundreds of writing, after being tested by the Monks in the Organizers, ten of it would be chosen to go on to next round.


The result of the first round was announced in the morning, in the evening the participants must show their talents like singing, dancing, playing music instruments, or using magic… within the time to repair in less than eight hours. In spite of the difficulties, ten participants of this round were very excellent, applaused by nearly three thousand  audiences.

Five of them, the most impressive ones would be chosen to be in the Final round of the Game Show, which would happen in the last day of the Summer Retreat.

Here are the photos from the event: 


The Monks are testing the writing with the topic: “The Letter to Buddha”


The second round of the S-Buddhist Game show.

Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Mai Thao.

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