The fourth day of Summer Retreat “My return relying on the Buddha” at Tay Khanh pagoda – Thai Binh

Update: 01/07/2017
On the last day of the retreat, in the morning was the second and final round of the "Following Buddha’s foot steps" contest held. Sixteen best competitors in 1st round attended 2nd round in an excited and hopeful mind. Dramatically, in the second round three most typical faces were selected the to enter the final round on form of oral presentation. After the stressful presentation, the organizers selected the best character of the retreat this time.

The fourth day of Summer Retreat “My return relying on the Buddha” at Tay Khanh pagoda – Thai Binh


In the afternoon, the ceremony was held in the wake of the seperation. Four days had passed with many memories of monks and friends, four days but a brief moment, but despite the time of change and the way back, there are still vibrations as small birds, still the heart from parents. There is still the youth’s mischievous smile, eye contact, all of which are filled with love ...

So, farwell to the old troubles, the new young people, All these memories will be stored on remembrance. There will be times to ransack the search and recollection of a youth full of laughters, and again wish "for a ticket back to childhood." I wish the summer did not pass so fast, and then at this moment the image of the Tay Khanh Pagoda, because we enjoyed a mature summer, a summer of youth, a summer of the future full of love.

On this occasion, each student was given a gift including a book ‘A Letter to Buddha, Summer Return, A Brief History of Sakyamuni Buddha, How to Fix Mistakes, Still in Happiness.’

Here are some recorded images:

Translated into English by Bui Ngoc Trinh

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