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The Fourth Day of Summer Cultivation Course 2016 - Like the scent of lotus

Update: 23/07/2016
In the lotus pond, there are flowers that blossom out of the muddy water. In life, there are people who exceed normality to choose their own way of living - simple and casual but full of fragrance like the pure lotus.

The Fourth Day of Summer Cultivation Course 2016 - Like the scent of lotus


As usual, on the morning of the cultivation day is the dharma talk by lecturing monks. Accepting the invitation from the organizers, Nun Thich Nu Huong Nhu, Lecturer of Buddhist Academy of Vietnam at HCMC, abbess of Thien Quang pagoda (Binh Duong province) came to give a lecture at Hoang Phap pagoda on the topic “Forgetting Dreams”.

In the life of every person, there is a dream. Some people dream of a bright future, hope and longing ambition of the youth, they always want to fly like the storks. Some people dream of achieving education, laurels, a brighter tomorrow, or living in a happy family. But there are also simple dreams like a blind boy wanting a pair of working eyes, a disabled girl wishing for a pair of healed legs to walk.

The dream of the good old days is gradually lost due to ambition and selfishness. Living in the era of development, it is important to be yourself and overcome yourself, overcome the desires, greed, ignorance that is still latent in the mind. In order to do that, we need to shape the right personality and lifestyle at the present. Noble personality and a humane heart is something everyone should have, and the things that bring joy and happiness to oneself and others. Each person should take advantage of what they have to fuel the dreams of flying high and far in the future.

In the afternoon, attendants of the seminar "Like the scent of lotus" with two guest singers Phi Nhung and Thuy Tien - people who have been through very difficult situations but tried to turn their dreams into reality. They have overcome many difficulties and sufferings to rise up to become celebrities. In particular, they have applied Buddha's teachings to solve difficult problems, making life become fresh and happier.

Coming to this event, both singers shared with young people some very practical issues. It is the dare to dream and dedicate your life to realize the dream, to follow the good ideals to benefit life. As celebrities, certainly having encountered jealousy, Thuy Tien shared that she used compassion, forgiveness and love to counteract the hatred. Also, Thuy Tien often applies Buddha’s teachings to reflect on the causal and karmic encounters that are undesirable. For Phi Nhung, she expresses love for her adopted sons and dreams of helping the people in need.

Attending the program, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh shared stories revolving around the theme of the seminar "Like the scent of lotus", and also through the stories of the two guests, the Venerable remind the youth about applying Buddhist teachings to life, at the same time identifying and transforming our sufferings. Besides, he spoke briefly about wedding ceremony, a beautiful feature of marriage culture of Buddhists and the vegetarian banquet in the wedding ceremony. Through the story of Thuy Tien’s wedding ceremony, he encouraged everyone to follow that spirit to achieve happiness and to not cause sufferings to sentient beings on their happy day.


At the end of the talk, there were performances from singer Phi Nhung, singer Ho Van Cuong (Vietnam Idol Kids winner), singers Tuyet Nhung and Thien Ngan.


Below are the pictures recorded:


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