The Flower Lantern Ceremony Commemorating Buddha Amitabha at Quoc Thoi Pogoda – Ben Tre

Update: 12/12/2016
On response to the invitation from Junior Thich Tam Hung and the instruction of Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, on the morning of December 11th, 2016 (Lunar November 13th, Monkey year), the ashrams of Quoc Thoi Pagoda, An Hoa Hamlet, Long Thoi Village, Cho Lach District, Ben Tre Province held a solemn dignified flower lantern ceremony commemorating the Buddha Amitabha.

The Flower Lantern Ceremony Commemorating Buddha Amitabha at Quoc Thoi Pogoda – Ben Tre


At 6.30 P.M.,the echo sound of Prajna bell and wooden-drum respectfully was welcoming the Buddhist dignitaries coming to the main hall for the ceremony was officially opened.

In the opening of ceremony, Junior Venerable Thich Tam Hung, Abbot of Quoc Thoi Pagoda - Chief of the organization board who offered opening speech to the ceremony. Next, with all their respectful heart, the mass were facing toward the Statue of Amitabha Buddha for offering incense to Him.

In the ceremony, the most important part was the ritual passing of the candle light. The light of candles was the symbol of compassion and wisdom, which lit from Buddha’s altar and then was transferred by honor monks, nuns and moved to Buddhists. This is the image of lighting the shine of world, transferring the light of wisdom, love, belief and hope. All Buddhists shared it together to remind that the love of all Buddhas always exists to help the world improve and get happier. In the ceremony, Junior Venerable Thich Tam Luyen declared to the 48 premier vows of the Buddha Amitabha which show his love to all the Beings.

The ceremony was successful when the mass were listened the dharma words from the Most Venerable Master who attended and witnessed in the festival.

Everyone felt an extreme sense of elation as the Flower Lantern festival ended.

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