The floral candle light ceremony on the Shakyamuni Buddha Attainment Day at Co Am Pagoda – Nghe An province

Update: 07/01/2017
On January 5th, 2017 (Lunar December 8th, at Co Am pagoda, Dien Minh Ward, Dien Chau District, Nghe An Province, The floral candle light ceremony on the Shakyamuni Buddha Attainment Day was held solemnly. Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh and monks from Hoang Phap Pagoda came to attend on the invitation of Reverend Thich Tam Thanh

The floral candle light ceremony on the Shakyamuni Buddha Attainment Day at Co Am Pagoda – Nghe An province


The event of the Buddha’s attainment is one of the bright key points of the religion history of human. A Buddha was born and a new era, which was humanity, equality, non-ego, compassion and wisdom, was opened. He is a great master of human beings and a wonder among the normal people. From that time, with his appearance and attainment, He built a safe and inviolent social and swept away the anger, illiberallity and selfishnes in oder to built a pure land of world which was made of solidarity, tolerance

Established a peaceful, ono-violent society, contributing to the revenge, stinginess, selfishness, forming a human Pure Land from stable, tolerant, harmony substances.

At 6pm, in Prajna drumbeat’s modulation, this place welcomed the liberate steps of the Venerables as witnesses of the beginning of the ceremony.

The ceremony was begun in the peaceful sounding of verses and the temple chime of Reverend Thich tam Hieu. After the statement of the reason and the introduction of the ceremony, Reverend Thich Tam Thanh,Abbot ofCo Am Pagoda, Chief of Organizers started the speech for opening ceremony. With the highest sincerity, all present knelt down and offered insense andmade offerings to the Triratna.

The most important part of the event which was most expected by the participants was begun. The wisdom light was lighted by the Abbot transmitted tothe Junior Ven abbot then offered to the Buddhists’ lines. The candle lights were transmited by the truly Buddha’s children. This is the symbol ofthe transmission of the light which meant offering the light of wisdom, tolerance, love and knowledge for cultivators to feel completely the love of Buddha and to cultivate more diligent.

The sound of the verses, the recitation, and the echoes of the Shakyamuni Buddha’s attainment were read by Reverend Thich Tam Vuong in the silence atmosphere when all Buddhists were contemplating his process making the ceremony more grave and solemn.

The ceremony was more satisfying when the mass were able to listen to the lecture of Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, the Abbot of Hoang Phap pagoda. He reminded the process of Buddha’s attainment for the mass to see His diligent cultivation. Besides, the special times in His life such as: his time practising Buddhism, his cultivating asceticism etc. were the valuable lessons for successors. Afer 49 days and nights meditaion, He gained the Truth and complete the full wisdom and declared, ‘I became a Buddha, so all beings can become a Buddha’. The Buddha’s spirit of equality was fully expressed here. This is only a way and it is not only for Buddha to become a Buddha but all beings can also become Buddha if we cultvate and go on the right way. The matter proved that the self- effort is extremly impotant. This is the lesson for every cultivators so that they can realize the happiness or suffering come from their own decisions. Besides, Senior Venerable shared the meaning of the transmission of the lantern lamps.

So, a truly Buddhist can realize the good deed of the ceremony on the Shakyamuni Buddha Attainment Day and cultivate harder to succeed in purpose in the right way taught by the Buddha.

Thousands of candles offered to the Triratna ended the ceremony in the delight of all presenters.

Here are some recorded images:

Translated Into English by Nguyen Khanh Hoa

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