Summer Retreat

The Fifth Day of the Summer Retreat - Lighting the fires of love - raking up the passion.

Update: 11/07/2015
Accepting the invitation from Organizational group of pagoda, the Dharma expounders and the special guests gave the preaching and the speaking to the young people in the Summer Retreat who studied the lessons and experiences are very private so as to prepare the steady luggage to the society.

The Fifth Day of the Summer Retreat - Lighting the fires of love - raking up the passion.

The fifth day of the retreat, students listened to the Dharma talk from Venerable Thich Dao Quang on the topic: "Never Late".

There is love that we did not say barely, there are mistakes that we did not repent barely, especially, to our parents. Until one day, when they passed away, we always thought that everything was belated but nothing is too late.

Everybody was born in this life, the body was created from their parents, so they were in us and we were a continuation of their life. Therefore, the happiness or sadness of us are also the suffering or happiness of them. When we were little, the most special emotions were always gave to parents. However, when we grew up, it faded. The distance between parents and children was further and further, sometimes our attitudes, words and behaviors made them sad.

Through the sermon, Venerable preacher wanted to remind students had to repent, apologize whether it was very late. Actually, nothing was too late when people looked back and corrected the mistakes. Students should choose a simple life and saving so not as to become a burden of the family. Additionally, they need to be a noble personality and responsible with ourselves, family and society.

In the afternoon of the same day, they had a conversation with a child prodigy named Do Nhat Nam in the Dream High program.

As other children, in the childhood, Mr. Nhat Nam had a lot of high dreams. Unlike most of the friends were the same age, he had a studious spirit and a sense of learning early which were proved by the passionate learning English. He translated books at seven years old and wrote autobiography since the first grade. For him, learning was a passion and originated from the love of books . Thus, he always tried to search and study everything that he did not know in the favorite field. Thank to the effort and intelligence which have made a child prodigy named Do Nhat Nam.

In his life, he concocted three rules were Self-confident, Self-respectful and Self-made. They helped him overcame the difficulties and got a effective learning method.

Besides, students did not only listen to the effective learning experiences, especially in English, but also knew more about the piety for his mother when he shared his stories. They also had occasion to talk with the young guest by asking some questions.

In the program, there is the presence of young singer named Le Thanh Huyen Tran with 2 songs: Mot Coi Di Ve, Cat Bui.

Here are some reported images:


Các bạn khóa sinh giao lưu cùng "thần đồng" Đỗ Nhật Nam

Translated into English by On Thi Ngoc Thao.

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