The days before performance time of the 7th Dieu Am Hoang Phap music show.

Update: 03/10/2014
The Buddhist music show of the 7th Dieu Am Hoang Phap will take place at the Ben Thanh Theatre at 6.30 pm on Sunday, Oct. 5th, 2014 (lunar Sep. 10th, Horse Year), whose preparing affairs to music show have nearly finished.

The days before performance time of the 7th  Dieu Am Hoang Phap music show.


The activities of preparing for the 7th Dieu Am\r\nHoang Phap are said to have been arranged during the past year. To achieve an\r\nimposing and large-scale program of music, Hoang Phap pagoda has cooperated\r\nwith Director, Editor, the program Organizers who combined in the long time of\r\nworks as recording, setting program and stage design, etc. Before the week of\r\nthe performance day, The Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh – Chief of Artistic Conduct,\r\nMonks and relating Departments organized many meetings to discuss the program\r\non hope that the show night would be perfect success and engrave deep\r\nimpressions in audient heart.


Particularly, the concert to Dieu Am Hoang Phap was more\r\nurgent last week. The Monks of Organizer Board had a close supervision and\r\ncoordinated program performers in all activities. The pagoda cooked the\r\nportions of vegetarian meals to the divisions of sound, light, properties and\r\nstage design during the process. All did in solid spirit, joyfulness,\r\nenthusiasm and simply for the aim of wishing to transfer the Buddha dharma\r\ncloser to the human life, particularly, to young people. Up to now, all deeds\r\nhave nearly finished, and the items are rehearsed last time before performing to\r\nthe audience.


Below are some pictures taken: 

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