The creature-release trip in Bentre and Vinhlong province.

Update: 10/05/2014
\r\nIn the programs of greeting the VESAK’s great ceremony, early morning of May 5th, 2014, (Lunar Calendar 9th, April) the monks and Buddhists of Hoang Phap Pagoda has a release trip of animals in Bentre and Vinhlong province.

The creature-release trip in Bentre and Vinhlong province.


In countless Dharma-doors of the ways that the Buddha taught, there is only\r\nrelease way being the most effective and easiest method. Releasing of animals\r\nmeans rescuing directly beings’ living, which is the most noble and highest\r\nmerit. The creature’s delivering to nature environment will help save their\r\nprecious life. It is only an easy and simple thing to sow an extraordinary and good cause\r\nwithout any equivalence. It is the living rescue beings whose life is\r\nconfronting of the death. This releasing is a generous action that everyone can\r\nunderstand thank to the Buddha teachings or the theory of cause-effect law.\r\nCertainly, what a great result attain!

In this trip, the group arrived in Bentre central market to buy 700 kilograms\r\nof other kinds of fish and set free them to nature. After that, they\r\ncontinuously came to Vinhlong market to buy 574 kilograms of other fish kinds\r\nand let them out river. It is known that quantity total of fish was bought\r\nreaching 1274 kilograms with the price of 71.364.000 VND.

Following are some recorded images:


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