The correlation between giving and receiving

Update: 09/06/2015
At the period of Buddha, heresided in a peaked preaching hall in Vesali.

The correlation between giving and receiving


In the morning, he wore his dharma robe, took a bowl and went to the Ugga's abode. After sitting down, the homeowner prostrated himself, sat down and said to the Buddha:

"Dear Bhagava, I heard what you were saying: "If someone give a satisfying thing, will receive a satisfying thing". Therefore, I cooked Sala flowers' porridge and many satisfying dishes. I also have fabrics being woven from Kasi satisfyingly. All of them are attractive things and are offered to Sir because of your compassion.

The Buddha accepted and told the happy verses to Ugga: " If someone who gives joyful things  will receive good things. A correct and straight person gives clothing, beds and lying beds, foods, and item, which is known as Arhats, the blessings; therefore, truth people who offer gives good value in trouble, will be liberated from fastenings, their mind is escaped from attraction. The person who offer joyful things, will receive good things".

(ĐTKVN, Anguttara Nikaya II, Chapter 5, Section: the king Munda, Part:

Giving joyful things, VNCPHVN published, 1996, page 382)


In fact, that giving someone is giving themselves in the Buddhist's familiar awareness. Therefore, in addition to the compassion and tolerance for others, the Buddhists also fertilize for their own blessings by practicing charities.


Granting a favour of materials without needs to repay is a strange and difficult category for those who are selfish and stingy.  More and more difficult for them when they give attractive and lovely things. Mostly, the superfluous things are gotten rid of them, which is, though, the best way.


Buddhists are not like that because giving is a mission, a sacred gesture. Hence, they are willing to donate what beings need including attractive and lovely things. They even dedicate their life known as an inviolable asset. That is the hardest way but wholeness.


To achieve the lofty giving way must be the wisdom people who understand the nature of life named is impermanent and non-ego. The main insight ofegolessness enlightened from the ordinary donation to the charitable giving-Paramita which is an award with no merit, no condition and non-discrimination, but their blessings are still sufficient. The causality in donation is equal and climax with the charitable giving-Paramita in cultivation. Therefore, please give all so as to get all such as ideals and the living mottoes from Buddhists.

Quang Tanh

 Translated into English by On Thi Ngoc Thao.

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