The Charity Trip in Binh Phuoc province.

Update: 05/01/2016
In morning of January 03rd ,, 2016 (Dec. 24th Monkey Year), The charity team of Hoang Phap pagoda came Doan Ket Commune, Bu Dang District and Binh Duc social protection center to offer to poor people, ethnic people and psychiatric people.

The Charity Trip in Binh Phuoc province.


At Giac Ngo pagoda, Doan Ket Commune, Bu Dang District, the doctors from Ho Chi Minh and Binh Duong cities with the major of internal medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ultrasound, testing, ophthalmology, ect. examined diseases, prescribed  and delivered medicines of more than 240 medical  portions, 100 far-sighted glasses and 300 gifts total 90.000.000 VND (including: rice, oil, soy, cloth, so on. and medical portions 300.000VND every gift) for 300 poor and ethnicpeople. The haircut charity group served some needy people. The testing session was supported by Dr. Huynh Thi Bach Yen, Binh Duong Prevention Center Social and was enthusiastically helped by the government.

In the evening, the team came to Binh Duc social protection center, Duc Hanh Commune, Bu Gia Map District to offer 500kg rice for the kitchen of center, visited and offered a gift to 200 psychiatrics, 300 homeless, wandering people, etc. The total amount was 20 million VND.

Total the amount for this charity was 110 million VND, supported by Mr Trong, Ms Lien Kieu, Ms Ai Nu, Ms Lien Tung, Ms Ngoc Boi, Ms Quyen, Ms Tam Luong Chieu, Ms Lien Kim, so forth and Buddhist contributed. The medicine money was helped by group of Ms Tu and Mr Viet who lived in Binh Chanh Province gave free charge in delivery fee.

These are some specific images:

Translated into English by Nguyen Ngoc Quynh Nhu

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