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The Ceremony of Taking Triratna Refuge at Dien Quang Pagoda, Bac Ninh Province

Update: 08/01/2017
On January 08th , 2017 (December 11th, Monkey Year), the ceremony of taking refuge was organized at Dien Quang Pagoda, attracting over 1000 good men and believing women.

The Ceremony of Taking Triratna Refuge at Dien Quang Pagoda, Bac Ninh Province


Taking Refuge is an essential and holy ceremony, which marks a turning point in spiritual life each one, whose taking Triratna Refuge is officially to become a Buddhist. Relying on the Triratna Refuge is a shortest path for us to avoid a deluded life, strive to go forward the light of supreme truth, and help us to complete personality become a useful person for ourselves, family, and society.

In the morning, Junior Venerable Thich Dao Quang gave a preach about basic doctrines of Taking Triratna Refuge, the meaning of three Refuges and five Precepts, all related concepts such as Repentance, Buddhist name, upasaka, upasika, etc.

In the afternoon, Sennior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, Abbot of Hoang Phap Pagoda and local monks came to the hall so that they officially transmited Refuges and Precepts. In the ceremony, the Senior Ven. gave them some words. “We who were born as a human beings with full of six senses,also know Buddha Dharma and now have a chance relying on Triratna Refuges. This is a precious causation accumulated through many lives. There are unlucky people believing in paganism and cult, having unrealizably wrong actions. Those will bear suffering in either this life or afterlife. Knowing Buddha Dharma, you should cultivate good things, reserve five moral precepts for creating great karma. Buddhist should truly recognize purpose of Taking Triratna Refuge. It is not getting Buddha’s bless or treatment of Hell King in death. It is leading life into great pleasure.

After taking Triratna Refuge, Buddhists should rely on their master to study Dharma. Besides, they need to go to pagoda diligently, spend time on listening Dharma and cultivating the Buddha teaching. People who live far away and cannot visit pagoda frequently should arrive and meet him/her on Tet holidays for expressing their grace.

In late afternoon, each received a certificate of Taking Triratna Refuge with Buddha name of “Lien” (for woman) and “Tinh” (for man). Each one got a gift including a summary history book about Sakyamuni Buddha, DVDs of Taking Triratna Refuge, Dignified Conduct of a Buddhist and The Gentle Advice.

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Translated into English by Cam Nhung

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