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The celebration of Ceremony Taking Refuge of Three Precious Ones at Cu Linh Pagoda.

Update: 19/06/2016
In the morning of June 17, 2016 (May 13, Monkey Year), Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh visited Cu Linh Pagoda, Thanh Lieu village, Tan Hung ward, Hai Duong city to help over 700 young people taking refuge of Three Precious Ones, who attended The 6thSummer Course. The Venerable was invited by Abbot Thich Tue Hai.

The celebration of Ceremony Taking Refuge of Three Precious Ones at Cu Linh Pagoda.

The pagoda was one of many pagodas in the North of Vietnam organizing Summer Courses for young people, whose form is the same as Hoang Phap Pagoda’s. To many young people, attending the Summer Course was still new and unknown with many definitions, such as “Taking Refuge of The Three Precious Ones”…


Therefore, after lighting inscence to do homage at the Buddha, the monks directed young people to dedicate prayer to all the honored ones asking them for regulations. Along with their sincerity, in order to let the young people know more about the meaning of the celebration, he explained the meanings of Sarana-gamana (Triratna refuge) and Five commandments, to help them understand how valuable it was as being human, having enough Six Senses, being able to live in a peaceful world without war, especially having enough grace to attend the course with the instructions from the monks. This was a bliss, which cannot be blessed in any life at any time. All the students of the course evenly learned he Triratna and five basic rules of ethical human . They vowed to not break those rules in order to become true Buddhists. Before the celebration ended, The Senior Venerable taught them about the responsibilities of Buddhists at home, to themselves, families and society, and to The Three Precious Ones, to Buddhism.

Venerable also gave all the young people in the course the book â€œGood or Evil Causal Reaction, Two Happy Lives, Right people Right Work.”


The Celebration ended in the happiness of the Bodhi-mandala.



Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Mai Thao.

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