The 9th Sunflower Show

Update: 23/12/2015
On Dec.12th, 2015 (Nov. 13th in Goat Year), on the occasion of the 81st Buddhist Cultivation, Hoang Phap pagoda held the 9th Sunflower show on the topic “Anyone can be Buddha” by actor Tuan Phuong as a guest.

The 9th Sunflower Show


Everyone is predestined to find Buddha Dharma in different way. For actor Tuan Phuong, he found Dharma and learned Buddhist philosophy after filming to “be Buddha”. After that, his life has faced a major shift from thinking to lifestyle: to love, to understand more and to direct his heart toward the good. All those changes are derived from a cause, the Buddhist seeds in him due to this affinity has sprouted and grown over the years.

Born into a family of farmers, since he was a teenager, Tuan Phuong has gone through a variety of jobs, including fixing bikes, bricklaying, waiting tables and selling clothes. When his predestined affinity came, he joined an acting class and began to set foot on the path of art.


Joining the movie “The Path to Enlightenment” and taking on the role of Buddha was a miracle for Tuan Phuong. Perhaps the monks, director and film crew wanted him to play Buddha due to his natural virtue and calm, serious appearance. Before the filming, Tuan Phuong spent a month in the pagoda to learn to “be the Buddha”. Under the monks’ guidance, he started practicing the postures such as walking, standing, lying, sitting that could truly dignify the elegance of an enlightened being. When acting, he tried to successfully showcase his character through every gesture, smile and look. It can be said that this is possible thanks to the blessings of the Triratna.

When participating in the movie "Path to Enlightenment", through the dialogue of the characters as well as the teaching of monks, he gradually understood the doctrine of impermanence, causality, karma. This has helped him to obtain a calm attitude to embrace the difficulties in life. He started to go to the temple more, become gentler.

According to Tuan Phuong, during the making of the film, many interesting things happened. Although he only acted as Buddha, he could feel many things during his performance. It is the experience that makes him realize that compassion can sensitize the surrounding beings. Since then, he has had one wish: "May everyone become Buddha". That desire is also the common desire of all Buddhists, and this is sure to happen, because everyone has in mind the Buddha seed, and that seed will sprout, "everyone is Buddha" is bound to happen in the future.

Attending the 9th Sunflower show was Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, who had praises and words of encouragement for the characters as well as outlined the difficulties during the making of “The Path to Enlightenment”.

For actor Tuan Phuong, he exuded sincerity, gentleness, which is why the monks agreed to give him the role of Buddha in the movie "The Path to Enlightenment". He was also selected to play Buddha in the movie "Searching for Enlightenment", which will be released in the near future. The Senior Venerable hopes that after two films, when he returns to normal life, he will keep good morals, to deserve the character he has played.

Regarding the film "Path to Enlightenment", before its completion and public release, it was critically reviewed about its content. It is thought that this is a historical drama based in India more than 26 centuries ago, telling the story of the life of Buddha, thus it should be more carefully invested. Furthermore, a few negative photos of the filmmaking process was put online and caused some controversies among the public. However, the film was still joyfully welcomed by the mass upon its official release. This success is due to the fact that the purpose and significance of making the film are not meant for profit or personal gain. All these programs implemented by Hoang Phap Pagoda are meant to benefit people and to help to bring Buddhism to people. The Senior Venerable also hoped that the next film about the disciple of the Buddha would also be accepted by everyone.


Below are the pictures taken from the show:


Translated into English by Doan Thanh Truc

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