The 76thSeven-Day Retreat

Update: 21/04/2014
In the Buddhist program in 2014 , on April 20, 2014 ( Lunar March 21st, Horse Year), Hoang Phap Pagoda organized the 76th Seven-Day Retreat, including more than two thousand believers from all over the country.

The 76thSeven-Day Retreat



In the afternoon, at 2:00 pm, Abbot Senior Ven. Thich Chan\r\nTinh came to the hall to share Buddha-Dharma as well as remind Buddhists of the\r\nrules of the retreat. The Sen. Ven. praised the spirit of all believers who had\r\nput away all life fate returning Pagoda to practice 7 days to develop for them\r\nfirmly career and wisdom because the wisdom is core guideline practiced for\r\nall. To recommend Buddhists with motivation to practice, the Sen. Venerable\r\ntold a story about a horse in Angutara-Nikaya. The Buddha taught a good horse\r\nmust have four features as appearance, strength, speed and balance. By this, he\r\npointed out that in general practicing of dharma or the Pure Land sect\r\nspecifically, they have to achieve four characteristics. They are:

1. The Appearance: here is "The ethical precept".\r\nThe Buddha taught that in the first step, everyone must be dignified by the\r\ncommandments and ethic.

2. Power: here is the effort to get rid of the evil, to do\r\ngood things,to keep a pure mind..

3. Speed: here understands The Four Noble Truths, diligently\r\npracticing and knowing how to achieve happiness in this life.

4. Balance: here is a sort of learning, living harmoniously\r\nand logically


Finally, the Senior Ven. reminded Buddhists of the essential\r\nrules in retreat - a solid protecting attendant who were cultivating as well as\r\nsuccessful retreat. Before the end of his talk, the Senior Ven. wished all of\r\nbelievers’ good health, effort to attain good results in this retreat.


Following photos are taken in the retreat:



Translation by Nguyen Ngoc Quynh Nhu.

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