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The 56th Program of Dharma Light

Update: 11/07/2016
On July 10th, 2016 (Lunar June 07th Monkey Year), Buddhists inside and outside of HCMC came to Hoang Phap Pagoda to take part in reciting Buddha in the fifth Cultivation Course. This cultivation time, “The Program of Dharma Light, Period 56” was continuously organized.

The 56th Program of Dharma Light

On the response of the Organizing Board, Junior Venerable Thich Dao Quang, cleared up all the Buddhists’ questions.

Question 1: Honorable Venerable!

I am a Buddhist and took the Triratna Refure some years ago. I have heart that when we take this refuging one, it needs only one time being enough, and does not need the second. However, the last Tet holiday, I came to a pagoda and met an abbot monk (I could not say his name) who said that the cultivators of the sect Pure Plan which refuged like that being not enough. He/she must refuge to Amitabha Buddha and have to a dharma name of “Dieu Am”. If they don’t do that they would not be reborn to the Pure Land. I asked him its reasons, he said that I should come home and read the sutra of “Mahayana Sutra Valpulya Lankara Tika” which it will be explained clearly. I returned and found this sutra. Truely, it is right to refuge like that. I hesitated very much. Whether I must take the second Triratna refuge with Amitabha Buddha to have a dharma name of “Dieu Am”, or if I do not, I would not be born in this World? I hope that Master will explain clearly.

I am graterful to you!


Question 2: Honorable Venerable!

It is known that from the living perior of the Buddha, He told the monks to sew clothes for dressing. Up to now, the robe becomes an important thing for the monks. However, nowadays, at the some pagodas where permitted lay man who could dress the robe as the monk at a ceremony. So is the permission right? How is the true or false on this matter? Besides, please would you instruct more about the dharma garment of sangha and layman, because, at present, I have seen that there are many lay people dressing the robe as the sangha. Is this dressing suitable or not?

I am really graterful to you!

After answering the questions, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, the head of the program, had a few words to stimulate the Buddhists that they must have right thought in their practice. Having that, they will have peace and true happiness in the present and future.

After that, people enter for meditation walking, reciting Buddha as usual.

On the occasion of a cultivation day, the Organization Department offered Buddhists attending this day a VCD of “From the Illness to Treatment”.

 The cultivation course ended in all pleasure.

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