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The 44th Program of Buddhist Dharma Light

Update: 03/03/2014
In the morning of Mar 2nd, 2014 ( as Feb 2nd of the Luna Horse year), thousands of Buddhist believers from many provinces came to Hoang Phap Pagoda to attend the 44th program of Buddhist Dharma Light.

The 44th Program of Buddhist Dharma Light


Junior Venerable Thich Minh Thanh was the lecturer of this program. Thanks to his practice experience, the Junior Venerable cleared up their questions about issues of how to choose a right practice method that is suitable for each person’s situation; how to surpass their afflictions and to be calm to solve various challenges of life?.

Hereafter are details of questions:

Question 1: In a previous Buddhist Dharma Light program, we were taught about the topic: “The merit of one’s cultivation can help their forefather’s spirits attainting liberation to the Pure Land”. We are aware that cultivation brings up immense benefits. Moreover, there are some proverbs. For example:

Nowhere is better for cultivation than our home

Honoring our parents is the highest cultivation.

Or: First cultivate at home, second in the market, and third at the pagodas.

Why are there those opposite points of view? Does leaving home of monks for cultivation contrast with common thoughts?

Question 2: Everything is said to have its own limit. There is a saying “Soft answer turns away wrath”. On the other side, there are cases of “Anger and haste hinder good counsel”. Do these two statements totally contrast with each other? In the world full of unpleasant matters, how should we behave to live commonly in peace and bliss? May we clear up our confusion?

Question 3: While studying the Buddhist tenets, we are aware that after death, people will have reborn due to their karmas; if it is as heavy a a rock, that person will be sinked down ; if it is as light as oil, that person will float up. However, in fact, I notice that, almost pagodas doing ceremonials to relieve their believers’ bad lucks at the beginning of lunar years; praying for peaceful lives of the remaining ones and for delighted souls of the passing ones every night. Whether those ceremonials are helpful or not? By the way, we would like to ask whether bad lucks will be relieved, whose activities comply with Buddhist tenets and what the Buddhism viewpoint towards this issue is.

The 44th program of Buddhist Dharma will be updated in the Website soon. Would Buddhists welcome with regards.

Besides, in order to sow good causation to the precious believers, a VCD named “Intimate Feelings in Early Year” was given to each.

Following are some relevant images:


Translated by Phan Nguyen Thanh Truc.

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