The 3rd Refuge Triratna Ceremony – 2015

Update: 23/11/2015
On Nov. 22nd, 2015 (Lunar Oct. 11th, Goat year), Hoang Phap pagoda organized The Refuge Triratna Ceremony the 3rd -2015, with the attendance of over 2000 credit men and women inside and outside Ho Chi Minh city.

The 3rd Refuge Triratna Ceremony – 2015


This life has so much potential anguish. It comes from all activities, speeches and individual thoughts, makes life dullish and impassable. As a result, we go around on life and death samsara in six roads and three worlds. How could we are able to escape that dark ignorant penitentiary? Refuge Triratna is the answer. This is the first important start, mark a transformation to refuge in the Triratna as Buddha, Dharma, Sangha. This is the shortest way to get out of long dark night, heading to ultimate true light, completing our personalities, becoming helpful people for family and this society.

The Refuge ceremony took place at Hoang Phap pagoda in one day.

 After having breakfast in the morning, all good men and believing women mustered in lecture halls to listen to Senior Venerable Thich Tam Trong’s essential dharma talk about Triratna Refuge, the meaning of Triratna and Five Precepts, concepts of penance, religious name, upasaka, upasikas, etc. In addition, venerable also gave instruction to some necessary rituals for Buddhists when they go to pagoda such as palms holding, saluting, kowtowing, and so on.

In the afternoon, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, Hoang Phap Abbot and monks officially lighted up and passed the Triratna, Five Precepts in very solemn and peaceful ashram’s atmosphere. Buddhists respectfully received them devotedly. After burning incense to Buddha, the Venerable conducted the penance ceremonial, offered Triratna and Five Precepts. In the ceremony, th4e Venerable gave compliments to all studious and cultivated Buddhist’s spirit. He also encouraged to new Buddhists.

Being in this life, we have a lot of fortunate such as being human, be able to listen to Buddhism, take the refuge. We especially build ourselves a true belief when we refuge to Triratna. People think “All religions are good”; however, when we learn about Buddhism, we can see this is a untrue notion. This mistaken understanding leads to immeasurable perils, superstition, taking us to moral wrongdoing, causes so much danger and damaging to human kind. Therefore, we should acknowledge that we are lucky to be a Buddhist; this is a path to welfare and happiness at present as well as in the future.


Together with receiving three Buddha’s Triratna, practicing five forbidden precepts is also very important. Thus, we can fulfill an honest Buddhist’s personality. Five precepts –five basic moral rules will support us to complete ourselves, bring us to a pure and noble life.


When Buddhists are already refuged to Triratna, they should follow religious master to learn about Buddhism. On the other hand, they should go to pagoda frequently, spend time to listen and study doctrines.

The ceremony was ended in everyone gladness. On this occasion, they were presented dharma gift from the organizers including A Brief Story of Shakyamuni book, Refuge Triratna Ceremony DVD, Buddhist’s Imposingness and Abbot messages.

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Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Tham.

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