The 3rd Program of Sun Flower

Update: 14/12/2013
In the morning of December 14th 2013 (Lunar November 12th Snake year), Hoang Phap pagoda celebrated the 3rd program of Sun Flower on the first day of the 75th Seven-Day Cultivation. Nguyen Manh Hung, PhD. Businessman, was a guest of this program. His religious name is Thien Duc. He is a general director of a incorporated book company of Thai Ha.

The 3rd Program of Sun Flower


At the beginning of the program, Buddhist Thien Duc was\r\nmoved when he got a chance to share his process of looking for the path to\r\nenlightenment before Buddhists attending the cultivation.

In the tranquil atmosphere, he recalled his memories of his\r\nunhappy, poor childhood. With his decisive mind, he himself tried to do better\r\nand treasured each chance to change his fate. Due to ceaseless efforts,\r\nfinally, he achieved success in getting wealth and utmost knowledge.\r\nEspecially, on a journey of seeking and affirming the value and the meaning of\r\nhis life, he stopped seeking material value and has built up the value of\r\nspirit and intelligence when he felt the miracles and benefits from Buddha\r\nDharma. He became an energetic, enthusiastic person and donated wholeheartedly\r\nto committed activities in cultural, intellectual and spiritual sectors.

After the information from Thien Duc, a businessman as well\r\nas a Buddhist, about his life, career, and causation with Buddhism, Sen. Ven.\r\nThich Chan Tinh had a point-of -view that the value of a human life is his/ her\r\ngood activities and donation to the community; and wisdom is the noblest career\r\nof a human life.

After Ven.’s consideration, and before ending the program,\r\nNguyen Manh Hung directly played and sang a song expressing his gratitude to\r\nmonks, his joy when he has lived in Buddha Dharma, joined the program and\r\nofficially become a member of the 75th seven-day cultivation.

The program ended in joy and happiness of people.


Some images following recorded:


Translated by CamNhung – HV.

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